Pitch for a Pitch with Carpetright Artificial Grass

Adam and I have spoken to each other a few times about maybe getting artificial grass for our back garden and perhaps even for our little patch in the front. It's generally more Adam suggesting it than me, as though I'm not at all even in the slightest bit any sort of gardener in absolutely any sense of the matter at all (I'm really not at all green-fingered!), I do like nature.

And sometimes when I'm maybe having a bad day or I just want a breather, as silly as it sounds I will sometimes go and cut the grass and really enjoy it. I like getting the fresh-air and then there's a perhaps silly sense of achievement I feel about seeing my garden look just a tiny bit neater than it did before and of course there's that gorgeous smell of fresh-cut grass. 

But then and especially during the warmer months of the year, it would have grown long again sometimes less than a week later and suddenly I'm no longer cutting it at my leisure - I've got to suddenly find time to do it and when both parents work from home and you have very little children like we do, time is rather golden. 

So for that reason artificial grass sort of feels like quite a good option for us. It really does seem to be getting quite popular with a few people now and it definitely feels like it might have become a bit of a thing. We see it on sale in quite a few stores and even Carpetright sell it now. In fact, today they've asked me to help promote their #PitchForAPitch competition which is where they are giving one lucky person the chance to win a new pitch-perfect lawn as well as some gorgeous garden furniture from Hayes simply by following them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and by telling them why your garden deserves a makeover along with a photograph. Which for what you'd be getting, seems incredibly easy! 

I'd personally absolutely love a garden makeover, our garden is only quite little but it does need some work done to it. I've said before about how our little brick wall which separates our grass from the patio has fallen over and how really just needs to totally come out. Our patio also needs to be re-done and in fact I think we'd quite like the entire garden to be re-done. 

But for us, the garden is having to wait. The conversion came first and the garden will come next - hopefully. Having just bought my step-dad some outdoor plants for fathers day I learnt how much I really don't know about plants from the lady in the store I bought them from. I came home quite shocked about how high maintenance some plants can be. I definitely will be doing my research when it comes to our own garden makeover, whenever that will be. 

But back to the garden makeover competition - if you and your family are interested in getting yourselves a brand new artificial lawn which will be of no maintenance and will be great for pet-owners, families with young children (yay to no more mud!), garden-phobes, busy professionals or people who struggle with mobility, then head over to Carpetright’s #PitchForAPitch competition page to find out more.

Coinciding with the Euros the competition will close at 9am on Monday 11th July, when the Euro 2016 winner is crowned. If you are entering then don't forget to use the hashtag #PitchForAPitch. I wish you the best of luck! 

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  1. Ooh this would be fantastic, we've just moved home and have a garden for the first time so low maintenance is right up our street