The Benefits of Villa Family Holidays

Villa Holidays are becoming increasingly popular with families these days and there are several reasons as to why this is. In this post I am going to explore just some of the many benefits of booking a villa as your accommodation for your family holiday. 

1. Cost - Most villas are able to accommodate a large number of people, so if you're travelling with extended family or with friends or with another family and you split the cost of the villa, this usually works out quite nicely. Being able to self cater means you can also save money with not having to eat out every evening.

2. Total privacy - Having nobody else around is a big draw for many people. Being able to totally relax and enjoy things like the pool without having anybody else around can't be a bad thing!

3. Being able to self cater - I briefly mentioned this above from the cost aspect, but being able to self cater may make things easier if you have fussy eaters in your family like children or anyone who might have any food allergies or food preferences, like us as vegetarians. 

4. Luxury and space - Villas are usually very spacious and feature several bedrooms and bathrooms. If you have a large family, choosing a villa as your accommodation can give you all the space you need to just 'be' and relax without stepping on each others toes like you might do in a hotel. When it comes to luxury, villas can be as luxurious as you like. Who saw the Top Villas Orlando, Florida villa tour that the Saccone-Joly's recently shared over on their YouTube channel? Disney themed bedrooms for the children, a games room, a mini cinema, a gorgeous pool - I think even they were blown away by how luxurious it was!

5. Conveniences - Villas usually offer many conveniences such as a dishwasher, a washing machine, stunning views, air conditioning, Internet access, swimming pools, satellite television and sometimes even a housekeeping and linen service. Some villas are even able to offer highchairs, safety gates for babies and children and travel cots. 

These are just five of the many benefits of staying in a villa during your family holiday. If you've stayed in a villa during a family holiday before, what sort of things would you add to this list? 

 Alex x
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  1. Villa holidays are awesome or even just a smaller condo if budgets are tight! We are going to Puerto Rico at the end of July for 10 days and half the staty we rented a huge condo and the other half we rented a villa !

  2. We just took a holiday with baby in a hotel and while the hotel was absolutely gorgeous, I do think we'll be doing a villa next time to give us more space for baby to toddle about!

  3. Oh yes my 10 year old daughter made me watch the youtube clip of the Saccone-Joly's amazing villa they stayed in. We have stayed in a villa twice when we have visited Florida, and they both offered so much space which is perfect when travelling with extended family x