A Family Meal Out To The Charter, Aylesbury.

I love a nice meal out - It's great having someone cook for you and then not having to clear up afterwards!

On Wednesday last week we were invited to The Charter in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire to take a look at their new Spring menu. Aylesbury is the town that I was born and grew up in and we'd been to The Charter a few times before with family and always had lovely experience.

I love that there are so many different places to sit in The Charter, it's really spacious, the decor has been well thought out and there is a relaxing feel inside.

We were seated next to a couple of big windows, which was a lovely place to sit and have dinner on what was a really sunny day here in the UK. 

Our waitress was really friendly and very accommodating even when I changed my mind on what drink I wanted. Logan's highchair that we had requested was already set up and Ethan was given an activity booklet with colouring and some crayons as soon as we came through the door. 

The new Spring menu has several new dishes on and I like that there is a good amount of vegetarian options to choose from. Though there is only the one starter that is suitable for vegetarians (the carrot and coriander soup) so it would be nice to see a few more veggie-friendly starter options on there. I didn't fancy the soup and so I picked a starter from the kids menu - nachos, which actually turned out to be just enough for me. 

Adam tried the soup and said that he really enjoyed it. 

Our waitress kindly offered to bring Ethan's meal out with our starters. He had vegetable cheesy pasta with baked beans and garlic bread. I've spoken lots about the fact he's currently going through a fussy-eating stage, he usually loves pasta but on this occasion despite lots of encouragement, he didn't want to eat anything but his bread (it was much more fun pushing his aeroplanes about on the window sills apparently!). 

There is a really good variety of choices for the little ones on The Charter's 'Terrible Tudors' children's menu. 

For our mains I chose the spinach and ricotta lasagne, which came with chips and Adam went for the red pepper, butternut squash and feta cheese tart which came with potatoes and salad. We both enjoyed our dinners and as vegetarians, we both felt like there had been a lot of thought put in to the vegetarian dishes that were available.

For dessert I tried their new chocolate and caramel tart with ice cream and Adam chose their sundae with After Eight and again both were really nice. 

We had a lovely meal at The Charter, despite the fact that I think our boys are at an age where being out in a restaurant isn't really for them - bless them. Ethan just wants to be running about flying his aeroplanes in the air and Logan is at their age where though he can't yet crawl he wants to be on-the-go all of the time. 

We'd like to say thank you to The Charter in Aylesbury for inviting us out for this meal. 

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  1. Oh that lasagne looks delish! We don't have any Table Table restaurants around here which is a shame, they always look lovely when I see blog reviews of them! x

    1. They are really nice, I like that they put thought into different veggie dishes and meals for the kids. xx

  2. I wish I had seen this earlier as we were over in Aylesbury on Sunday and this looks lovely. We have always taken our girls to restaurants, it's worth going through the tough years with little ones, as they learn all about sitting and waiting for their food. Alice is now really good, Holly is in the total monkey stage!!! X

    1. Oh were you!? :) We love going out for meals, I really hope we don't have to stop going. x