What we've put in the Boy's Easter Boxes This Year

I didn't have Easter baskets or boxes growing up, we just had lots and lots of chocolate - which was awesome! But since I've started blogging I've noticed that lots of families choose to make up little boxes or baskets for their children, full of little occasion-themed gifts for the different occasions throughout the year. I think it's such an awesome idea!

Halloween and Easter are my two favourite times of the year to make these little treat boxes or baskets up. I tend to skip the Christmas Eve box at the moment, as I feel like the boys get so many gifts around Christmas time anyway. 

And I love that these little gift boxes don't have to be expensive - we picked up a number of things for the boys' baskets in The Card Factory for 99p each. The books were more expensive as we ordered them online, but I know it's possible to pick up books from discount stores and charity shops for a lot cheaper, if you look in advance you'll probably be able to get your hands on a book/toy themed around the occasion you want it for. And instead of buying new boxes, you could use baskets you already have around the home or wrap an empty cardboard box in wrapping paper. 

So, we love the idea and I think even more so at this age, because I don't really like to get them to much chocolate, especially as we know they're likely to receive a few choccie eggs from family anyway. I can't wait to give them their little baskets at the weekend. We're hoping to go out for a walk with family on Easter Sunday and then spend the rest of the day back at theirs, having dinner and staying late playing card games once the boys have gone down for bed. 

Here's a more in depth look at what's inside of Ethan and Logan's Easter boxes this year.. 

I hope you all have a really lovely Easter weekend whatever you get up to! :)

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  1. Such a wonderful idea, we tend to do new PJ's and a film at Chrismas but never thought about doing a box for Easter

  2. These look fab! We like to do alternatives to chocolate, as friends and family buy them so much chocolate. I think it's lovely to give a few different bits. x

  3. I love what you've included in the boxes for your boys! Some great ideas. I've just bought Ben some books, as he'll get lots of eggs from other family members.

    Anna xx