Testing out the Baby’s Brilliant App for Babies and Toddlers

I love that this digital age means that we can instantly get our hands on any sort of information that we like. I love that the Internet means that we have access to the worlds knowledge. I feel like I learn something new from the Internet every single day. YouTube is one of my favourite websites to head to, asides from enjoying watching other vloggers and families, I love watching educational videos on different subjects that I'm interested in. For the kids, I love that YouTube is home also to hundreds, even thousands of educational videos all suited to different ages. I feel like children can learn so much from watching these videos, instead of purely sticking to cartoons when the television is on. 

And it's the same with apps on the our phones too. Ethan isn't totally in to these yet, he's happy with a toy car or a toy plane in his hand. But I know that with technology being the way it is, it won't be long until he's asking me more and more about different apps. And there are so many amazing, educational apps out there at the moment - Baby's Brilliant being one of them. The creators of the app are a Mum and Dad duo themselves from Los Angeles, they wanted to bring quality to children's entrainment. A lot of the songs on their app are presented with classical music, rather than computer generated and the range of different content they have within their app is huge to say the least. 


This app offers animated children's songs, educational videos, a large collection of music, classical lullabies and even religious songs. There are soothing videos for nap time, cartoons, entertaining videos with images of everyday life, night lights to help babies got to sleep, read along books, interactive soundboards in five different languages and also animated childrens songs for the hearing impaired. All in all - this is an app that offers a huge variety of content for both babies and children. 

Personally, we love the WEEMAN SCIENCE series on the app - where children can learn where food comes from, with fun animated songs. 

Another fantastic aspect to this app is that the makers of the app have created interactive soundboards in five different languages besides English.. Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese and German. Which helps introduce children to a variety of words in various languages. The creators have also just finished two new books which will be available soon in the Read Along Section and they've just made a deal with the author of inspirational books Kerry McQuaide to release her books on the App.

The app is free to download and comes with three free download. Each additional download is $0.99. To learn more and to visit the Baby's Brilliant website, you can go to: babysbrilliant.com. If you'd like to download the app visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/babys-brilliant/id737478001?mt=8

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