Wishing for a bit of UK sunshine

Ah a lovely sunny throw back - this was June 2014. We were in Dorset reviewing a very lovely caravan site called Park Dean. The day we left for our trip was the day that Ethan took his first steps all by himself! 

Are we even in Spring yet? Because I'm so tired of the grey. The grey skies and the cold are starting to drag now. Going to Florida last month made me realise just how much of an affect the weather seems to have on peoples personalities, well definitely on mine. Everything just feels so much better when the sun is out, everyone seems happy! 

I can't wait to start having more days out on our days off. Being cooped up in the house with a young child and a young baby all day long can sometimes be a little difficult, there are only so many nursery rhymes you can sing to them both and so many times you can re-do the same puzzles. We want to get out! We want to start getting back to the park every week - I'm so looking forward to Logan's first go on the swings next to his brother - that's probably going to be a tear jerker of a moment for me!

I'm ready to start undressing, not totally of course. But I'm done with the layers - I have so many layers on me all of the time that I'm beginning to feel a bit like an onion. Being in Florida for the week allowed me to rediscover my Summer wardrobe, I rediscovered what it was like to wear only a few items of clothing, rather than a dozen. I'm ready to bare a little skin here in the UK, I don't even mind about partaking in the daily activity of shaving my legs, although as time is now something I rarely own, I'm tempted to go and try out a bit of laser hair removal as there's a ProSkin clinic not far from me. There once was a time that I'd never ever dare show my bare legs in the summer without them first being covered in a bit of fake tan, but I really am time poor these days and so I now embrace my two super pale legs. They just never ever seem to catch the sun, or they do and then they turn the brightest shade of red (even if I am wearing sun protection). Following that they then usually turn back to an even paler shade of white than they were before- if that's even possible.  

I'm looking forward to having a chill in the garden, but that'll be once I've tackled my way through all the weeds and the overgrown grass. We SO need to sort our back garden out.. mainly the brick wall that fell over last year that still remains in exactly the same place it fell. Firstly, it's not particularly safe and secondly it's an eye-sore, more so because we actually look out on to it from our big living room windows.

I'm ready to start eating dinners outside again and drinking a good old Pimms in the sun! I'm thrilled that Logans birthday falls in the summer, it means we get to celebrate outside. I'm hoping by next month, when Ethan turns three, the sun will have made it's appearance too. I loved having his little birthday party in our back garden last year. 

So come on sun, whenever you're ready! Because we certainly are!

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  1. I am so with you, I need to see the sun!! This winter just seems to be going on and on. I also feel so much happier getting out and about in the sun, the kids having fun. Life just seems a little bit easier in the sun. Come on spring we are ready...x

    1. It really does seem SO much easier when the sun is out. I'm much more productive! x

  2. I'd get naked if I could have some sunshine! You've got me really excited about pub gardens and picnics!

  3. We've got a nice sunny day here today, but it's still a bit chilly... I'm ready for t-shirt weather already! And unfortunately next few days are supposed to get down into the 30's again. It feels like spring is never gonna get here, even though I know it will eventually.

    1. Me too, I'm done with the winter clothes and all of the layers! x