Testing out the New Dyson Small Ball

I'm already a huge fan of Dyson! I think they make such quality products and I love that they have such brilliant customer service. A good few years ago, Adam and I brought a Dyson hoover and when, by my own fault, the hose part ripped a little, they replaced the hose instantly, no questions asked and even in despite of it being my own fault. How amazing is that for good customer service?!

I think for me, having a Dyson, is a bit like having an iPhone in a weird way. In the sense of now that I've owned a Dyson I wouldn't want any other brand, which is how I feel about having an iPhone - I just wouldn't want to change brands.

I felt honoured when John Lewis recently asked me if I would like to have a go with the brand new Dyson Small Ball and I was more than happy to agree. As you may already know, if you read my review of the Dyson V6 Absolute, I have already found my ultimate hoover. I love it for it's lightweight feel and for the fact that it takes the pain out of hoovering for me, with my chronic back pain condition.

But a cordless isn't for everyone and some prefer an upright. I have to say, that when put to the test the new Dyson Small Ball is one powerful hoover! It really does have a powerful suck on it! And I love that it's super easy to store. If you've got a young family like me, your under the stairs cupboard may be full of toys or things for the kids, leaving not much room the hoover. The Dyson Small ball fits perfectly in the smallest of spots with the retractable wand saving up to 30% more storage space than the Dyson DC40 full-size vacuum cleaner!

Another thing I really like about the Dyson Small Ball is that it's cleaner head automatically adjusts between cleaning different surfaces (carpets and hard floors) so without even having to adjust a thing I still get the same level of performance from it! And then there are things like the single button cyclone release which empties the bin quick and easily without any need to touch any of the dirt inside, which makes emptying it out very easy! 

It's a great hoover and it sounds a lot quieter than regular uprights do! In fact, it's actually 30% less noisy! I'm happy to say that I'd be wiling to recommended it to a friend looking to purchase an upright hoover. Thank you to John Lewis for giving me the chance to put the new Dyson Small Ball to the test. If you'd like to, you can find out more about this hoover here


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