Dyson V6 Absolute | Review

I'm going to start this review by saying, I don't think is my favourite product I've ever reviewed. It IS absolutely, categorically my favourite. Honestly, I hadn't expected so much from such a small machine. I'd not seen or read any reviews on the V6 Absolute before trying it myself, but I can now confirm that it is just as advertised and though as I've not tried another, I can't confirm that it has twice the suction of any other cordless stick vacuum or 150% more brush bar power, I can confirm that the V6 Absolute does the same job as my much heavier upright hoover - which ever since I've owned the V6 Absolute, hasn't left the cupboard. 

I no longer have any need to take my upright hoover out of the cupboard, why would I when this does the same job, but much more effectively? As a sufferer of a back condition that causes me chronic pain, this is a dream - no longer am I lugging a heavy hoover up and down the stairs. I would have loved to have owned this whilst I was pregnant.. When I was pregnant, the idea of getting the hoover up and down the stairs is one I stayed away from. And okay, it got me out of the hoovering for a few months, but I disliked waiting for my Husband to be available to do it. I'm the type of impatient person that when I want something done, I like it to be done. 

I've had the Dyson V6 Absolute for a while now, I wanted to make sure that I'd used it plenty before sharing my thoughts on it, after all no hoover is ever a cheap purchase for anyone. The RRP on Dysons own website for this is £499.99 and whilst this is a purchase that needs to be saved for, I really couldn't say that it's not worth the money.  

It comes with a hard floor cleaner head, a mini motorised head, which you use for picking up pet hair and ground in dirt. A classic thin head and a direct-drive cleaner head - which I find I can use on most surfaces. Each head can be changed in a matter of seconds, you simply click it on and off. The long pipe can be removed (again in a matter of seconds) to make it a handheld hoover for use when doing the stairs or hoovering out the car. You can empty it hygienically with the press of one button and it comes with a tool that allows you to dock it allowing you to store and charge it conveniently. 

My favourite thing about the Dyson V6 Absolute is how easy it has made hoovering the house. If crumbs get spilt, it's now just a 2 second job to clean them up. If the car's a mess, I don't need to find a day to hoover the car out, it's now a 5 minute job. Cat hair is no longer a problem, because I can now easily and quickly hoover it up. This vacuum is unbelievably light and it can get into the smallest of places with absolute ease and I LOVE that it's cordless, it makes life SO much easier. Quite honestly, every single time that I use the V6, it impresses me. Ethan likes to help me out with the hoovering and so he loves that it's light enough for him to use too. There's a small video clip of him using it in this months monthly montage video, it's around 2:58 if you'd like to have a look.

Honestly, the Dyson V6 Absolute just has to be one of my favourite products ever. I can't rate it highly enough.. Out of five stars, I really would have to give it six.

You can find out more about Dyson's V6 Absolute here

N.B. This item was sent to me in exchange for a full, honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 



  1. This looks like a great machine - so small but with so much ability. Love the colour too! We're looking for something a bit lighter than our clunky hoover so this may well be for us. Thanks for the review x

    1. Honestly, it's amazing. I truly cannot rate it enough!x