This Digital Age

I remember the days of the Nokia 3310 - playing Snake, 10p text messages and running out of credit.. Heck, I remember the days of no mobile phones at all.. am I starting to sound a little old?! 

It's amazing what our phones can do now.. from connecting instantly with friends and family through not only text and phone calls, but websites and apps such as Facebook and twitter. I can watch YouTube videos on the go, read blogs, catch up with the news from all over the world. There are dozens of fun, simple games such as mobile casino games that offer some escapism for a few minutes. I can even see where friends and family are through an app called Find Friends. It's crazy when you think about the time when a phone was just a phone and not even something you carried around in your pocket. 

I love that my phone means that I always have a camera on me. Camera phones helped to pave the way for this digital age that we live in. I have thousands of pictures of my boys and of moments that I want to remember thanks to my phone. When I've forgotten my DSLR or my compact camera, my phone is always there as back-up. 

It's easy to get sucked in to browsing the phone, there's so much to see and to do and apps like the news apps and facebook and Twitter update in real time. But I'm careful not to spend too much time with my head in my phone. I'm conscious of how that could and can come across to others, especially to my two little boys, who unlike me and so many others, will grow up never knowing a time without the Internet. 

It's funny when I think back to the time of no Internet and also to the time when my Mum first got us the world wide web in our home. I remember the dialling up tone and also not being able to be on the home phone because of the Internet. I remember becoming slightly addicted to a website called 'Girland' which no longer exists and which now sort of reminds me of the blogging world for one reason or another. 

The advances in technology seem insane when I think back to a time without Internet. But whilst I still strongly believe in being outdoors, playing board games, talking face to face with one another and everything else that was pre this computer age. I think this digital age is amazing and full of much opportunity for so many people. It connects people around the world, it offers reassurance when it comes to staying in touch with distant loved ones, it provides us with knowledge at the touch of a button and it continues to open doors daily for new business ventures for so many people. And so with that in mind, I'm happy to say that this digital age is an age that I for one am incredibly proud to be a part of. 




  1. I remember the time when the Nokia phones came out. Texts and phone calls were really expensive if I remember rightly? It's mad how technology has changed. x

  2. I couldn't agree more - ok yes, with the new tech age comes different problems; social pressure for teens, cyber bullying, ease of affairs etc, but when you really look at the big picture, people who misuse technology would find a way to behave that way anyway. We are so lucky with the way we have access to some much, just from the push of a button. Or whatever the touch screen equivalent is 😉 X

  3. I remember being the first in my school to get a mobile phone! My cousin,who lived in london already had one and it was my auntie that bought it me as it was the 'in' thing. Being a rural girl nobody else i knew had one!
    I also remember my brother being adament he was never having one as he didnt want people to be able to get hold of him. Funny hey.

  4. progress is going crazy