How To Choose A Big Boy Bed

As your baby grows bigger and develops into a tiny person, it can be hard to keep track of when their stuff needs upgrading. Choosing a big boy bed is a pretty big decision, especially if your child is making the transition straight from cot to bed without a toddler bed in between. If a single bed has got to last your child until their late teens, it really has to be a wise investment. Here are some guidance points to help when choosing.

Making The Transition
Usually a child won’t need a big bed until age 2-3 years, write Supernanny UK’s parenting experts. Of course, this varies from child to child, but if they are frequently getting out of bed and climbing out of the rails, this is a sign they need more space. Although moving up the bed is a necessity, it’s going to be a big new step for your child, whether they’re excited or nervous. It’s important that you talk to them and allow them some degree of choice on their new sleeping arrangements, even if it’s as simple as letting them exercise some big boy independence and choose their own bed linens. 

Single Bed

Whether you go for a small or standard single, this is the most common type of bed for youngsters to have. They offer plenty of space for growing bones to stretch and roll over during the night, and still have space for a teddy bear to not fall off the edge. The advantage of going for a standard height single bed is that making the bed and changing sheets is a much easier process, so you can get your child involved and give them that little extra responsibility once they’re ready for it. 

Bunk Bed

If you’re working with your kids sharing a bedroom or simply don’t have much space to play around with, a bunk bed is your best option, and there’s lots of versatility. Kids sharing a room can share a double bunked bed, or go for a single bunk with a convertible sofa underneath, which makes a great place to read, draw, play, and accommodate sleepovers. Alternatively, some bunks like these High Sleeper Cabin Beds With Desk and Storage come with storage equipment underneath the bunk, so you can have a bed and wardrobe combo, or even use it for shelving and add a desk underneath for an organised study space.


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  1. We got a toddler bed from IKEA which is bigger than an actual toddler bed with the rail on the side.