Christmas/New Years Eve Party Dresses with Lyst.com

I spend a great deal of time online when I'm not with my family and I love being able to order products online. I buy all of my grocery shopping online, I'm forever spending money on Amazon and I love the convenience of it all. What I've always struggled with is buying clothes online.. I just don't really know where to start. I seem to spend what soon become hours going from one fashion website to another. I need it all in once place! And I want to be able to shop the sales all in once place too! 

I was recently contacted by Lyst.co.uk, a fashion tech company based in London and New York, who asked me if I'd like to know some more about them. I wasn't sure at first, fashion isn't generally my 'thing'. But after a little browse around their website, I was very pleased to discover exactly what I'd been looking for - a sort of 'all in one' website for fashion.

Being that we're days away from Christmas, I wondered how easy it would be to find a dress for christmas or new years eve. Whilst some of the dresses featured on the website are out of my price range I was pleased to discover the 'Sale' section, which meant I could enter in to the dress section of the sale and start shopping for something more affordable for me personally. I was pleased to find a whole range of dresses from different stores and designers available, some with 50% off. There was something for everyone - all perfectly catering for a wide range of budgets. When I clicked on a dress I liked, I was redirected to the store selling the product (John lewis for example), which I really liked. 

Partnering with great designers and stores, Lyst add some clever technology to the shopping experience too, so that we as customers can discover more of the types of fashion that we like. We're able to follow our favourite brands and people so that we are the first to see the latest looks and Lyst items that we love and if we want to, we are also able to receive sale and stock alerts. 

I really like the 'all in one' idea behind Lyst and I like that I was able to very quickly find a great selection of dresses affordable to me without spending more time than I actually have bouncing from site to site desperately trying to find something I like. 

If you'd like to to find out some more about lyst.co.uk, you visit their website here.


*All opinions are my own. 

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