A Perfect Christmas Baby Stocking Filler: Activity Case by Ambi Toys

Babies and toddlers are not interested in passing trends, fashion colours or the latest gadget. They need well designed and reliable toys which don't disappoint during play and encourage their gradual discovery of themselves, others and the surrounding world. 

And that's where Galt Toys consistently get it right with their baby and toddlers range, Ambi Toys. Every toy in the range is not only well designed and of the highest quality, it is also brightly coloured - a must-have for young babies and children. 

As proud ambassadors for the range, Logan (and Ethan) have both enjoyed testing some of their toys. When he's around Ethan loves taking it upon himself to show his little brother just how things work! 

The Activity Case has been a big hit in our house with it's six activities for his little hands to explore. Press the button and it squeaks, pull back the blue bird to chime the bell, slide the mirror to see who’s hiding underneath. 

I love that this one is one that my boys can do together and one that they never tire from playing with.   The Activity Case is available from galttoys.com and would make an ideal gift this Christmas for babies aged six months and onwards. 



  1. Gorgeous pictures, this looks fab as well! :) xx

  2. This toy looks great! I wish I had known about this sooner, but I think my little one may be a bit too big for it now. Definitely something I'd buy someone as a gift. Thanks for sharing, oh and gorgeous photos xx

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