Baby Boy Winter Wardrobe

Brr! It's getting cold now isn't it?! I forget every year just how awfully cold it actually gets! I'll be snug in my house and then when I open up the front door to throw a nappy or something in to the bin, it hits me! It's like ice cold. Though, in a way it can kind of be refreshing if you're having a day like I sometimes do when you feel a little cooped up inside. 

Winter brings with a new season, a season of lots and lots of excitement, especially for the little ones. Though actually, I think us parents have just as much fun watching out little ones faces light up! It's a magical time of the year. And a time when the wardrobes probably need a little updating. It's time to throw all those shorts and t-shirts to the back on the wardrobe and get out the big knitted jumpers, the scarves and the hats! Because, winter is here. 

I love an opportunity to spend a little money on the kids, I find clothes shopping for them far more fun than clothes shopping for myself these days. The boys are at an age where they look super cute in their mini little clothes and in hats, scarves and gloves they look even more adorable! Especially little Logan at just five months old!  

I've scoured one of my favourite online retailers looking for some new bits and bobs for Logan and I came across so much that I liked that I've made a little collage. I can't decide between hats. They're all so adorable! Most people head to places like Zara or Next this time of year for their little ones, but there's some great stuff to be found online! I especially love the little grey jogging bottoms - they look like fashionable little leggings, but they're actually jogging bottoms. How cool are they? And how comfortable must they be! Do you reckon they do size adult? Where have you been shopping for your little ones so far this year?

All items shown are available at Esprit



  1. All of those items are so lovely :) I would love to have a little boy one day - I love looking at boys clothes!

  2. I love shopping for Blake there are so many nice winter bits out there atm. http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk

  3. Oh those little socks are the cutest! I love buying Zach clothes, and the fact that the grow out of them so quickly means I get to keep buying more haha! xx