NEW Monthly Family Video Montages

If you're kind enough to read my blog regularly (thank you) then you may well be aware that this year I've been trying my hand at making videos of our family life, our adventures and my take on Motherhood generally. I now have my own playlist over on the Channel Mum YouTube channel and I have been continuing to post our montages from days away and holidays on my own channel. I, however, really would like to have everything in one place and so I am hoping to be able to publish any future montage style videos over on my Channel Mum playlist, it just makes everything a little easier to find that way I think.

If you've ever seen any of my more chattier type videos on, you'll probably know that talking in front of a camera makes me quite anxious, but that I'm keen to combat this anxiety and so I push myself to step out of my comfort soon to do so. I feel like I've already grown in confidence despite the fact that it's still very early days and I feel really proud of that. So thank you if you've ever watched, liked or commented on any of my videos.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my videos and the direction I want to go with with them lately. And I think that it's so important for me to connect with those of you (and those who might not have read my blog before). Sitting in front of the camera talking about me and my take on motherhood is important, but I also think that it would be nice to share, through video, a better insight into our every day family life and so this month, I've pulled together different video clips that my family and I have taken throughout September (some clips from our phones and others form our HD camera) to make a video montage of 'Us in September'. It's something that I've wanted to do for a while and something that I am going to be aiming to continue to do monthly.

I really think that these sorts of videos will be amazing to watch back when the boys are older. I just love being able to replay the natural, un-staged ordinary moments, the ones that are so often the very best. And I really hope that they'll give those of you that follow our blog, social media accounts and our videos, a better insight into our every day family life. :)

If you'd like to watch the first of our monthly video you can find it here:



  1. I LOVED watching this, you have a beautiful little family Alex and should be very proud. Look forward to seeing more of your monthly montages xxx

  2. Aw this is such a gorgeous video Alex, and what a lovely idea to do it every month! I shall look forward to watching these each month. I love how you have kept it all really natural- recording the ordinary moments like this is the best way I think xx

  3. This is a great idea! How do you do the montage? Which software are you using?