Making your Home Child-Friendly

*Written by Lucy Allen. 

Bringing a baby into your home is undoubtedly one of the greatest things that you can do in your life. The arrival of a little one can suddenly transform your home into a wonderful place filled with hope, fun and laughter.

However, I found that the introduction of a new life did come with a few areas of consternation. Whilst I was aware of the possibility of getting hardly any sleep over the ensuing months, I didn't realise how terrified I'd be about my baby accidentally injuring themselves.Thankfully, a little bit of Internet research has revealed a whole host of ways in which you can make your home not only safe, but comfortable for your little one too.
It's a horrifying fact that over 500,000 of under-fives have to go to hospital each year due to an accident at home. But there are many simple preventative tasks that we can all do to stop such instances occurring.

Getting some simple fire alarms from the likes of Fire Angel is a good step to take against the threat of house fires. Whereas if your child has reached the interesting age of making their first steps, be sure to invest in a child-proof stair barrier that can be found on KiddieCare's website.

Whilst these measures may prevent some of the more dramatic accidents occurring in your home, we should all consider ways to stop our little ones falling ill. Keeping the house at a comfortable temperature is a good way to keep colds and flu at bay. Young children often have different needs in terms of temperature from the rest of us, and that's why the thermostat-controlled electric radiators provided by Verismart can provide a flexible way of heating a child's room.

Making sure that your child gets a good night's sleep can do a lot to reduce an entire household's stress levels and make sure that any stress-related illnesses can be avoided. TheBump.com have a good guide to white noise makers that can carefully mask any unwanted noise in your child's sleeping environment, and it can also be a good idea to get some blackout curtains to make sure that their sleep isn't affected by any undesired external light source.

Further to that, many child-friendly measures simply rely upon common sense. Make sure that household chemicals are out of reach, tie up blind cords, and ensure that any potentially scalding items are kept out of harm's way and you'll be well on your way to having a truly child-proof home.


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