A little Home Update

I really want to be more of a patient person, but I really am just one of those people that when I get something in my head, I feel like I almost have to go ahead and do whatever it is straight away. Despite being impatient, I don't think that I'm one to really rush with the decisions I make, in fact, Adam and I are both quite similar in that sense. 

We're both really into our home decor and would love our house to look like the vision we have in our heads (hey - who wouldn't?!) and home decor is one of those somethings that neither of us have ever been very good at waiting for. When we want to change something in our home, we really do want to change it right there and then. And though we're both more than happy to spend out on improving our home - for the past year and half, we haven't really been able to, because we're still saving for a loft conversion and well, that's all rather pricey!

The plan, as it is at the moment, is to move Ethan to what is our current study and Logan in to Ethans room. The reason for this is that Ethans room is decorated how we like it, but we feel he is sort of outgrowing the nursery feel it has to it. The study we use at the moment isn't decorated and so this gives us the perfect opportunity to do it up in a slightly more grown up, little boys style for Ethan. The room he'll go on to have (currently our study) is much smaller than his current room and so we're really going to have to make the most of the space available. 

I've always thought (and said) that the best way to make the most of a room is to use its height - something that has to be done right, or could result in the room potentially looking a little bit cluttered. Bespoke childrens furniture retailer Bambini, shows us, over on their website, how to do exactly that - make the most of the space in each room whilst keeping it clean, tidy and contemporary looking. By using bright colours mixed with whites they show us how to make our childrens bedrooms not only functional but fun too. (If you've not yet seen their website and you're into modern and contemporary spaces for your children, it's definitely worthwhile taking a look - bambinifurniture.co.uk).

Adam and I have always really loved shopping for our home in stores like IKEA and Next Home, but I think that when you're doing up a room that is as small as the room we're looking at moving Ethan in to is, it's really worth turning to the web for inspiration and great finds that you just wouldn't find in the stores. The Internet is full of inspiration and I love that from the comfort of your own home you can find companies that before you never even knew existed. This opens up so many more ideas to you and give you so much more inspiration which will then help you to go on to create an amazing space and really make the most of the room. I can't wait (quite literally) until we can get started on ours for our grown up, but still very little, little boy! 



  1. You sound just like me! Once I have an idea in my head for the home I just don't settle until its done - its really frustrating because once its done I'm on to the next thing... I'm never bloomin satisfied! xxx

  2. I'm the same too! Once I have an idea in my head, I want to do it now!! Like I have an idea in my head on what I want to do with the whole of upstairs bedrooms, and it is really bugging me that I can't start it right away or even very soon either!! xxx