5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

There are a number of things that you can do to your home to increase it's value to give you the best shot of a quick sale. Here are five ideas..

1. Consider a loft conversion

This is something we're planning to do ourselves, mostly because we need the extra room and bathroom, but we also see it as a bit of an investment too, as surveys completed in the past reveal that a loft conversion adds an average of 12.5 percent to the selling price. 

2. Install central heating

If you don't already have central heating, putting it in can cost around £1000-£3000 but will add around £5000 to the value of your home. 

3. Convert the garage

Most garages these days aren't used to house cars, they're often wasted spaces that if turned into a living space could add a nice bit of value on to the home. To calculate value added, multiply square footage gained, by local price per square foot. 

4. Makeover the kitchen

The kitchen seems to be quite a selling point for homes these days, so if you're going to make over just one room, it's best to make it the kitchen. Typically a new kitchen will add 4.6 percent onto the value of a house. 

5. Curb appeal

If your homes curb appeal makes a great first impression, potential home buyers will be keen to come inside. Some ideas to help increase your homes curb appeal include a front door makeover, installing outdoor lighting, adding fence panels, getting your front garden flower beds into shape, repainting, replacing gutters or paving or having gravel put down where grass areas once were to provide more off-road parking. 

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