Polytunnel Gardening: Keeping Kids Minds Active Over The Summer Holidays

To avoid the “holiday slump” over the long summer break, (a known phenomenon that can apparently set some kids back with their learning), Premier Polytunnels have created this really awesome little infographic, which is full of ideas to keep kids active, keep their brains engaged and more importantly - to provide lots of family fun!   

There are ideas for things to do using polytunnel gardening relating to school subjects such as Maths, Science and Geography. The infographic encourages kids to grow their own vegetables this summer -  which for children, would not only be something exciting to do with their time, but also something to be incredibly proud of too and all whilst continually learning and keeping their brains nice and active! 

Polytunnel gardening is also a great way to teach young kids about insects and the many jobs that they do. The infographic suggests keeping an eye out for buzzy bees, ladybirds and aphid predators, as these guys will all help your plants to grow, but it also advises to politely show the slugs and snails the door, as given the chance, these little guys will only greedily eat up all your greens before you or the kids get the chance to! 

Take a look at premierpolytunnels.co.uk to have a read of some of the other interesting ways that they suggest that you can use polytunnel gardening to help 'grow' your children's minds this summer! 



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