The Power of the World Wide Web!

Who remembers a time when there were was no Internet? No iPhones? No emails? No text messages? 

A time when letters were sent? When people used pay phones? And left post it notes? A time when there was no Internet shopping? No Amazon? No eBay? There were no blogs and no youTube? 

I remember those times. 

I would read books and magazines. I would run the ink dry in my biro writing short stories that popped in to my head. I would find pictures I liked just so I could get my pencil (and a rubber) out and draw pictures of it, copying it the best I could. 

I'd play eye-spy and hangman with my Mum over and over again. I'd make up stories in my head and act them out in the garden with my brother. I'd write letters all of the time using the best paper I could find. I'd then doodle all over the envelope just to make it look prettier. 

We'd walk to the shops to get our groceries, sometimes in the rain. We'd carry our heavy bags home, our fingers and hands would be aching. And our noses running with cold. 

It was a time when the Internet was not even a whisper. 

Let alone the giant that it is today.

That was then and this is now and now those things that I used to do, I don't.

Yes, I grew up. And the times of playing made-up games in the garden with my brother have passed but I no longer write letters, or draw or even read books. I don't own a rubber, and my pencils are scattered in a dusty drawer somewhere I've forgotten about. 

I don't know when the last time I walked to the shops was. I mean, yes, we own a car now. So my fingers won't ache and my nose will not run, but it's just so much simpler to click a few buttons on the web and have the weekly shop delivered to my door. 

I've sent hundreds, okay thousands of emails. I've given hours of my life to the web. I no longer visit charity shops or go searching for 'deals'. I'll just head straight over to Amazon or eBay or Google and search for the latest fashion deals (sp) or beauty buys. I even brought our cars off of the Internet. And found our home on here too! 

Some people will even find the person that they marry and go on to have children with on the web.

It's a powerful old tool that world wide web. It's a giant that just continues to grow. 


  1. I have always continued to write letters, I have 9 penpals whom I write letters too by hand x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Such a nice post!
    Keep in touch xx
    Antonella :)