Update Your Home Decor in Just 5 Easy Steps!

We all dream of a beautiful looking home, don't we?! But sadly, I think many of us, with limited funds, just find ourselves stuck browsing Pinterest for what can sometimes amount to hours and hours, lusting over seemingly out of reach house and home ideas and inspiration. We may not all be able to achieve our dream homes instantly, but I believe that there are a few simple, low cost things that we can do to update our home decor and restore a little bit of sparkle into our our family homes! Here are my tips!..

1. Add new lighting - Don't you think that the right lamps and lighting can really make a room feel warm, cosy and welcoming?! I do! Replacing old lamps with newer, modern alternatives is a really good place to start. Lighting doesn't need to be expensive - shop around and you'll be sure to find a low cost lamp that when switched on in the evenings, will have the ability to completely transform your room!

2. Re-paint - I think that changing the colour of a room is one of the most effective, low cost ways of updating it. Depending on your taste, I'd suggest keeping it light perhaps with something neutral, that way your paint colour is probably a lot less likely to become dated. A neutral wall colour will also match pretty much all types of styles of decor. If you're not sure about what colours will suit your room, or even what sort of style of decor you like, I'd suggest taking a little look here for some room ideas and inspiration.

3. Have a re-arrange - I like to do this a lot (much to my Husbands annoyance!). When I'm feeling a little deflated with my decor, I'll have a little re-arrange, sometimes it'll just be my room accessories and sometimes I'll go for the whole lot - accessories and furniture. I remember when I was younger and my Mum would re-arrange the furniture around in our home, it would always make the room feel so new and fresh! (Is it weird that I found a newly arranged room rather exciting?!). Plus having a re-arrange makes for a perfect opportunity to clear out any old bits and bobs that may be making the room feel dated or a little cluttered!

4. Maximise your light - I really believe that bringing light into a room is one of the best ways to make it feel more open and airy. It's not practical or low cost to add windows or move windows about, but one way you can bring more light in to your room is to add mirrors! Adding a big mirror to a room will reflect the light from the window and make your room feel so much more open and potentially bigger! I use this trick in several of my rooms in my own house and it's so effective. We have a really large mirror hanging above our bed in our bedroom, before we had it the room felt quite cramped, but as soon as put it up - the room felt instantly larger and much more lighter! So simple, so low cost - but yet so effective! 

5. De-clutter - I touched on this in point number three, but de-cluttering a room is a sure way to breathe a little life in to an otherwise tired looking room. Clearing out old bits and bobs, will free up a little space in your room. But don't be in a rush to fill this space - sometimes less is more. You've probably noticed that all new modern homes have very simple decor and that they keep accessories  and such very limited. Modern and contemporary may not be your thing, but if it is - try to keep your space clear of too many 'things'.

I hope you've found these tips helpful, please do let me know which idea you like the best! :)



  1. I'm forever de-cluttering our house. There's so much that you actually don't need.

  2. Same as Janine! I am forever de-cluttering my house. I think new lamps are a great idea and maximising light too! xx