Our Top, Most Used, Newborn Products

Our Top, Most Used, Newborn Products

Our Top, Most Used, Newborn Products

There are so many new baby products out there on the market these days and that can make it rather difficult for new parents to know exactly what is worth buying and what isn't. Not all of the above products are essential for a newborn, but they are, in my opinion, fantastic, worthwhile things that I, myself am using daily with my own newborn Son, Logan. 

1. MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottles

We've tried many different brands of bottles, but these are our absolute favourites. Not only are they self-sterilising in the microwave, but they are also 80% less colic due to the ventilation holes in the base which ensures that babies don't swallow any air. We're adamant that they've helped Logan's colic greatly and I've actually written a post about this, which I am going to be publishing soon. I've tried many many different types of bottles with both Ethan and Logan and have found none better than these! 

2. MAM 0-2 months Soothers 

The MAM soothers or dummies are another of our favourites. Logan takes them really well and they're made better by the fact that they come with a steriliser box (which we pop into our changing bag every time we go out). MAM also sell dummy clips which are very handy and a great range of teethers like Lucy the Snail (2+ months) which we have ready for when Logan begins teething.

3. Aden + Anais Jungle Jam Muslin Squares 

These aren't cheap by any means when compared to the cheap muslin cloths that you can pick up in most supermarkets, but honestly, they're not just popular because of the cute designs - they're actually really good because of how soft they are and stay wash after wash. I had the cheaper basic muslins when Ethan was a baby, but they went hard after being washed multiple times. But these, after being washed, have stayed just as soft as when they were completely brand new.

4. Baby Grow Bag / Sleeping Bag

I've written before about how much of a fan I am of baby grow bags (or sleeping bags), they really do give me such peace of mind as I prefer knowing that whilst my baby is still warm and snug, he doesn't have any loose, potentially dangerous, covers over him. We own many grow bags for Logan, as we did for Ethan and I totally recommend them. 

5. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine 

I cannot express enough about how much of a great product I think the Perfect Prep machine from Tommee Tippee is! I never had one when Ethan was a baby and I always found making up bottles a rather long process, but with the Prep Machine, preparing bottles is not even something I have to really think about. The Perfect Prep is able to make a fresh bottle at the correct temperature in less than 2 minutes. Its filter system removes any impurities present in the water and the initial ‘hot shot’ of water it dispenses kills any bacteria present in the formula. You just set it to the number of ounces you require and it will dispense the correct amount of sterile water at the perfect temperature - it's literally stress-free! Quite honestly, I think that the Perfect Prep Machine might just be my favourite newborn product of ALL time! If you haven't already got a Perfect Prep Machine and you're planning on formula feeding, I highly recommend that you take a look into them, they're worth every penny!

6. NUK 2-in-1 Bottle & Teat Brush 

We've owned several different types of bottle brushes previously, but this is probably our favourite so far. It has firm bristles and is made to be compatible with most baby bottles. The teat brush is clipped directly onto the bottle brush handle making it both practical and convenient. If you formula feed, it's so worth investing in a good bottle brush, one that has a teat brush with it too.

7. Munchkin Nappy Change Kit

I'd owned this nappy change kit from Munchkin for a while before Logan was even born, but it's only now that I have started using it daily. It's such a clever little product - the expandable mesh pockets are there to hold things like nappies, wipes, nappy bags and small (sample sized) nappy creams. It all folds up together into a compact little wallet, which is great for keeping everything you need to change your baby in one place, but if required, the padded changing mat can be detached for separate use. It is a very handy little product to have!

8. The Little Green Sheep Snuzpod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib 

Logan sleeps in his Snuzpod overnight and we love it, I particularly love the gorgeous modern design to it. The Snuzpod is suitable from 0-6 months and it can be used in three different ways - as a bedside crib, a stand-alone crib (which is how we use ours) or as a bassinet (for use around the home, for daytime naps). It was voted number one crib for 2015 by Mother & Baby and is a much safer alternative to bed sharing or co-sleeping. I'm going to be writing a full blog post on our Snuzpod soon, so if you're interested in reading more about it, please do keep an eye out for that

9. NUK Multi Dry Rack 

After washing up our baby bottles, we turn to the NUK Multi Dry Rack. It provides drying space for up to six baby bottles and accessories and there's even room for things like dummies. It takes the clutter away when it comes to drying baby bottles and also allows the water to drain off of the items a lot faster. A great little product to own if you formula feed! 

10. Izziwotnot Moses Basket 

Logan sleeps in his Izziwotnot white moses basket during the day and always looks so snug in it. It's absolutely gorgeous and looks just as good no matter which room we put it in. It's really easy for us to take from room to room, which means that we always have somewhere for him to sleep no matter where in the house we go! (Even in the bathroom, when we're in the shower). If you are planning on buying a moses basket for your little one, I highly recommend a visit to their website. 

Those are our favourite, most used, newborn products! As a first time parent, it can be quite overwhelming when you go to buy things for your baby for the first time, it's not always easy to know what you really need or which brand to go with. My best tip for this would be to read up on brands and products, there are so many reviews to be found on the internet. A great website that reviews and lists the top five of lots of baby items (for example the top five best sterilisers) is ParentsNeed.com. I would definitely recommend having a read up and a compare between brands using a website like this before committing to purchase anything to ensure you get the most for your money.

If you have any questions surrounding any of the products I've mentioned in this post, please feel free to ask away in the comment section below and I'll do my very best to answer :)


  1. I plan on getting the prep machine, I've heard so many rave reviews about it, it sounds amazing xx

  2. Some great things on there that I've already bought and some I hadn't heard of like the Nuk Dry Rack! I think I'll end up giving into the Prep Machine too depending on how I feed. :)

    Paula ♥ | http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

  3. We absolutely LOVE the perfect prep machine too! Takes away so much stress and saves time - probably the best thing we've bought so far! We also have the Aden & Anais muslins which are by far softer than all of the cheaper ones we bought and if we had another baby I would be tempted to go exclusively Aden & Anais! xx

  4. The multi dry rack looks interesting. never seen it before. I dry my bottles on a microfiber towel.

  5. I just wrote a post like this and have matching products on a few items. Swear by the man products for sure xx

  6. I really wish we'd had a Snuzpod with either/both children. Muslins are the best invention ever! x

  7. Great favourites, I love the look of the Aden + Anais muslin cloths. The TT perfect prep sounds great too, they've also just brought out a new Express & Go for those breast feeding, it looks great!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  8. Sleeping bags are ideal! I loved them for my girls. I really like that snuzpod. I hope to buy one if I ever fall pregnant again! xxx

  9. Oh I just love baby paraphernalia always makes me sooo broody seeing bassinets and baby gear. Love this. So happy for you and glad all is going well with two.

  10. MAM do such great products don't they , my niece who is two months loves the dummys. I wish I had of gotten a perfect prep as I have heard so many good things about those xx