Stokke Home Nursery Collection

Preparing for your baby's arrival while designing your dream nursery is an exciting time, and whether you've got lots of space or little to spare, Stokke Home will be a special place as all true homes are. With Stokke® Home, you can create the perfect room to spend time cuddling with your newborn and later for imaginative play with your toddler.

Combining superior craftsmanship and the best of Scandinavian design, the flexibility of Stokke® Home lets you select and combine pieces that work in your interior, large or small, sweet or sophisticated. Every piece in the collection offers quality, function and beauty at its best.

Available from May 2015 in warm Hazy Grey and White with coordinating accessories to add your individual touch. 

Stokke® Home Cradle
Sooth your baby to sleep with a soft swaying motion.
The soft, light textiles of the cradle give your baby plenty of airflow and a cosy environment to rest, sleep and dream. At night-time, keep your baby close by your bed – the cradle´s small footprint allows you to fit it into any size bedroom. The cradle´s light weight makes it ideal for daybed usage - just move it from one room to another.

Stokke® Home Bed
A bed, a changing station and a playhouse in one.

The bed is the heart of the Stokke® Home™ nursery. Together with the cradle, the changer and the dresser, it offers countless possibilities for designing the perfect room for your newborn. The distinct house shape turns this bed into the centerpiece of the nursery. Stokke® offer a range of textiles designed to create a calm ambience for your baby, or a playhouse for your child. Not only is the concept ideal for your newborn as well as your growing child but it is also flexible enough to be customized no matter the size of your nursery.

Stokke® Home Changer
The flexible Changer attaches to the dresser, the bed and the cradle stand.

The changer is a versatile component that can be used on top of the dresser, the bed or the cradle stand, and attaches safely to all components. Protective sides and a padded changing mattress offer a safe and comfortable place to change your baby. The included storage box keeps essentials close at hand. When your child is older, the changer transforms into a play table by placing it on the cradle stand.

Stokke® Home Dresser
Storage space for their little clothes, toys and treasures.

The dresser is the perfect height for changing your baby when the changer is attached.  The spacious, soft closing drawers offer plenty of room and give easy access without letting your baby out of sight. Open space for your feet under the dresser lets you get closer when changing and cuddling your baby.  The Scandinavian design, together with the durable material, make it a classic piece of furniture that will last for years.

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  1. Ooo, I love the look of the cradle! Would be perfect in our tiny bedroom!! Think this is going on my wish list! Xxx

  2. Love the flexivble changing table. Wish i saw this before i purchased my crib!

  3. That cradle is so cute, not keen on the tent over the cot but love the toddler bed version with the canopy x

  4. I love the bed so much! I haven't bought one yet as I was waiting to find the right one, and I think this might be it! x