10 Positive Ways to Spend Your Easter Break

Other than Christmas, there is no other time in the year when you get so much free time off work at once (without having to take annual leave). Unfortunately, like Christmas, we usually spend that time eating and drinking and not taking the opportunity to make a positive change in our lives. This year, why not use the extra time in a productive manner. Here are some things you can do to spend the Easter weekend in a positive way.

Start a Language Course
Summer is just around the corner. Why not spend the Easter break by getting into a language course? Then you can impress your family by ordering your meals in which ever far-flung destination you are going to in the summer this year in the native tongue.

Join a Fitness Class
Easter doesn’t have to be about doubling your waistline by eating as many chocolate eggs as you can in the space of a couple of days. Take a trip to your local gym and sign up to a class. Whether it’s spinning, Zumba, tai chi or kick boxing that you have been wanting to give a try, take the opportunity this Easter. 

A new bathroom may cost a little more than an Easter egg each for all the family, but chances are it will give you more pleasure in the long run. Take a look on the Ideal Standard website and see which bathroom would look best in your home.

Read that Book
You know that book. We’ve all got at least one that is top of our list which we’ve been meaning to read for ages. Get at least halfway into it this Easter weekend. 

Plant your Garden
Easter signifies that start of spring. Get out into the garden and plant your crop.

See an Old Friend
Call up that friend you keep realising you haven’t seen for ages. Easter might finally be the window of opportunity when you can make a date.

Write a Letter
Too few people do this nowadays. Yes, email is good and Facebook is helpful, but they do not compare to receiving an actual handwritten letter.

Get Political
The UK General Election takes place on 7th May. Spending your Easter researching the various parties’ policies and finding which align with your personal beliefs may be the most productive thing you do.

Visit a Relative
Easter should be a time for family so if you have the time make the trip to see those family members that you perhaps too often neglect.


There’s no need to completely forget about your sweet tooth this Easter. Get into the kitchen with a good baker’s cook book and see what goodies you can produce with an Easter theme.



  1. Renovate will be our thing to do this Easter, there's always DIY to be doing! x

  2. Great list of ideas. We are going away as a family and switching off our phones for once!

  3. I will be following a few of these, visiting family, bake and hopefully plant the garden!

    I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award :)