Our Family Meal Tradition

Though he's not quite two years old yet, Ethan seems to be growing up so fast. The days seem to feel shorter and shorter and Ethan is speedily growing up right before my eyes, but it's so fast that I'm often afraid that if I blink I may miss something important. 

Sometimes when I lay in bed at night reflecting about how fast my baby seems to be turning into a little boy, my thoughts start to trail off, as thoughts often do, and I start reflecting on my own childhood and my teenage years gone past. At the time most of those days seemed to feel like they were going by slowly, but now when I look back they it feels like they went so fast. 

Being that I met my Husband Adam aged just 14 years old, most of my teenage memories are of time spent with him. We had silly little rituals and routines that we would do each week, we sort of set up home before we actually set up home if that makes sense?! Over the years we've brought so much to each others lives and we've influenced each other heavily. Even down to the silly little things, like computer games. He was the one who got me into online gaming and was the reason why I spent many of my younger years levelling up characters and raiding for the top gear inside the addictive world that was and is World of Warcraft. 

He even got me into eating pasta, something I rarely ate before knowing him. He and his family had a sort of family routine of having the same pasta meal every single Monday together, it was something that Adam's Grandmother had also done with them. And it's a simple meal of just pasta and cheese sauce, but it's one that very much became part of my own weekly routine too. I used to get pretty excited when Adams Mum invited me to stay for dinner on a Monday, this simple but delicious meal stuck around for then and it's stuck around now. 

After Adam and I moved out together the tradition continued and fast forward 14 years later and we're still eating it, it's even become a part of Ethans weekly meal routine too! It's crazy when I think how many years I've been eating this pasta and cheese sauce dinner on a Monday for! But whenever I do, it always reminds me of Adam and his family and my younger years. 

Our family Monday meal tradition might not be some fancy secret family recipe and it certainly isn't the healthiest meal we eat during the week that's for sure. But it's a simple pleasure, that holds many memories and a meal that we've made a family tradition of. I wonder if Ethan will continue  our Monday meal tradition when he's older and  has his own little family?!  

Post in association with Beko ovens for Mothers Day 2015.



  1. We love pasta and eat it at least once a week. I love the idea of family pasta mondays! x

  2. Aww how sweet. I love pasta waaaaay too much lol xx

  3. This is lovely! Looks tasty too! Similarly we always seem to have macaroni cheese once a week and many of the meals I cook are ones which I watched my own mum cook for me when we were younger- I just seem to have replicated the exact meals she cooked as they were so tasty! Love your little tradition- it's lovely! Xx