Baby #2 : Maternity + Baby Haul

Today I thought I'd share with you yet more of the recent maternity and baby things that we have so far. And, excitingly, I am going to begin with these absolutely adorable milestone pregnancy cards...

milestone pregnancy cards

These utterly beautiful pregnancy and baby cards are from Family Nation who sell pretty much everything you could ever need for both when you're expecting and for when baby has arrived, including a totally gorgeous maternity wear range (which I urge you to take a look at if you're like me and you're currently on the look out for lighter maternity clothes for the upcoming (hopefully hot) summer days to suit your growing bump!).

I really don't remember seeing anything like these cards when I was pregnant with Ethan, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough?! Ether way, I'm so glad that I've found them this time around. They are just perfect to place next to bump or baby or even use by themselves for photographs. And you can date them too so you'll always remember the ordinary but ultra special moments and details alongside the date they occurred on. Once you've used them in photographs, you can then put them in with baby's keepsake book or box - which is exactly what I plan to do. :) They really are such a brilliant, special and fun idea! 

ripped maternity jeans

I haven't actually got around to properly wearing these ripped maternity jeans that I brought from ASOS yet - whoops, but I brought them since my bump has outgrown my regular sized jeans. I had to buy these in a size 12 to feel comfortable in, even though I'm usually a UK size 8 or 10 in jeans. These are actually my first ever pair of ripped jeans and they're in a colour I don't usually opt for too! But somehow I was really attracted to them! 

Mustela kindly sent me some of their Mother and Baby products to try and though I haven't yet used the two baby products as baby is still currently cooking ;), I have been using the ultimate hydration moisturising cream on my skin and have to say it does leave my skin feeling rather soft and it is very quick to absorb - which is good when I'm in a rush and need to throw some clothes on quickly! 

We've been asked to stay on another year as Munchkin and Lindam ambassadors and again we gladly accepted their kind proposal! I'm very particular about who I choose for us to become brand ambassadors for but I have so much confidence in both Munchkin's and Lindam's products that it's sort of a no brainer for us.  They sent us over a selection of products suitable for both baby #2 for him to use and play with later on in the year and also some bits for Ethan, which I'll show you in another post. This is their Magical Firefly Mirror, which actually Ethan hasn't put down since it arrived! It can go pretty much anywhere you'd like it to, but we're planning on putting it in the car to keep baby #2 occupied and calm during longer car trips. It plays lullabies, lights up and is reflective so baby will be able to see himself in it. I'm sure that he'll love the bright colours too!

These Safari Strainers are recommended for 6 months+ so we're a bit of a way off of using them with baby #2 yet, but I've put this away for him to use in the bath or chew on when he's old enough. The soft edges will be ideal for him when we do get around to getting this out for him to play with. 

Ethan uses pretty much all Munchkin branded products for eating. Their range is absolutely huge and caters to many different ages. These Love a-bowls are being saved for baby #2 as I think they'll be fab for when he starts weaning. These bowls are 100% Spill-proof and 100% leak-proof and they come as a 10 piece set which includes 4 bowls with lids and 2 soft tip spoons to be used from 6+ months. We had similar bowls for Ethan and they were very handy for when he first started on solids!

On a side note: I cannot believe that I only have 15 weeks left of being pregnant! It really does seem to be flying past!



  1. Fab Haul! I love the idea of the pregnancy cards...I've been meaning to start a scrap book and these cards would really come in handy. Also love those jeans...I brought a pair from Next and my usual size came up massive which is a huge bonus when you're already feeling big so I'll defo check out ASOS maternity range. I'm only 15 weeks, but am loving your pregnancy blog updates and am always on the look out for new bits for me and the bump! xx

  2. Aww those cards are sooooo cute!!! How exciting, all this baby stuff!!!

  3. If you got the pregnancy milestone cards then you can't get around to get the milestone cards for the baby. :) I have them and they are just as brilliant. I only seen the pregnancy ones late in pregnancy and was raging.
    I only ordered one of the munchkin mirrors today. I used to have one from mothercare but lost it. Oops.

  4. Yay for Munchkin and Lindam, a great bunch :) I love Milestone cards and only wish we'd got them with our two x

  5. Seeing all of the cute baby things just melts my heart. You are going to be an awesome mother! I adore your blog too by the way. Keep up the good work :)

    Juliana Grace | www.julianagraceblogspace.blogspot.com

  6. All the toys are so cute. I definitely need to start picking some up pretty soon! I haven't went and purchased anything for my baby yet.