Me and Mine: March 2015

dear beautiful

In March I..
  • Really enjoyed our stay at Bluestone National Park in Wales. We went with Adams parents and had so much fun, it was lovely to have a chance to relax. 
  • Equally loved Folly Farm and Tenby Beach (where the above photo was taken) also in Wales. 
  • Had so much fun making and watching our video back of our memories from Wales
  • Learnt that I need to relax more and take life at a slower pace. 
  • Parked the idea of getting the loft conversion done this year (this sort of ties in with the above). 
  • Struggled from time to time with being seven months pregnant and looking after an active toddler, but am starting to learn how to manage it. 
  • Started seeing an osteopath for my back pain which has started up again as the weight on my front has increased. 
  • Brought Ethans Easter basket and birthday presents ready for next month. Can't believe he's two in a few weeks!
  • Am looking forward to return of Game of Thrones next month.
In March Adam..
  • Was the ever supportive Husband - he's been amazing looking after Ethan and I when I've felt exhausted or been in pain. 
  • Really enjoyed Wales, especially getting to drive go-karts and have a go on a digger! (He's a big child) ;)
  • Played Monster Hunter a lot. 
  • Also learnt that he too needs to relax a bit more and take life a little slower. 
  • Got excited about the announcement of the Apple iWatch. 
In March Ethan.. 
  • Enjoyed being on holiday with us and his grandparents. He had the most fun in the soft play, being outdoors and playing in the pool! 
  • Has shown so much more of an understanding, though still no words. He is able to point out lots more this month when asked where things are. 
  • Has thrown lots and lots of tantrums (the joy!). 
  • Has loved that now the weather is warming up a little, we've been able to start going to the park again on his trike.
  • Has shown a little more interest in Mummy's growing tummy. 
  • Had fun making Easter crafts with Mummy. 
  • Also had as much fun making Easter cakes. 
  • Continued to adore doing his swimming on a Thursday morning. 

Don't forget to link up your March family photos to be in with a chance of winning a prize from photobox.com and also check out fellow co-host Katie and her stunning blog, which is full of gorgeous words and beautiful photographs of her and her family.



  1. this picture is lovely Alex! So glad you had some family time at Bluestone, we are off next month and can't wait to just chill out! x

  2. I love this photo, such a beautiful backdrop and so sweet of the three of you holding hands. #meandmine

  3. Beautiful photo! Perfect view as the background.

  4. Gorgeous photo!! :-) #meandmine xx

  5. Stunning photograph Alex! I'm glad you all had a lovely holiday, and it's good that you are learning to relax more. Hope you and your family have a great Easter! x

  6. I love this picture Alex and I LOVE your cardigan!! We are off to Bluestone in June and I can't wait! x

  7. Such a lovely photo of you all with such great memories. Glad you had a nice time in Wales x

  8. Ohhh Alex love this month's photo. So gorgeous. I am so excited for you won't be long before baby arrives. I know all too well how you feel having an active toddler and being pregnant it was tough sometimes. You are doing amazing and Ethan is going to be the best big brother ever. Glad you had a great time in Wales. I have always wanted to go. #meandmine

  9. That's a beautiful photo. Sounds like you have had a busy month!

  10. Lovely photo Alex, boy, i can relate to the having a toddler (times two!) and pregnant, and those toddler tantrums can be tiring! lol I guess the only consolation for them is that they're not small for long! little monkeys! x

  11. What a beautiful photo Alex! LL is throwing lots of tantrums too so I can completely sympathise haha! x

  12. What an absolutely beautiful shot and oh such lovely sunshine! I hope the last few weeks of pregnancy treat you kindly!!

  13. What an absolutely lovely picture. I grew up in west Wales, not far from where you were so I know how beautiful it is. We love Bluestone and Folly Farm too, I'm glad you had a good time. #meandmine xxx

  14. Such a beautiful picture! I've only been to Wales twice and loved it both times, I can't wait to take my little one when he's a bit older! x

  15. I love that photo, its so nice you have a little bit of bump in the picture too! We went to Folly Farm years ago with my son and we loved it. Looking at your video I think they have added some great things to it. Tenby beach is just stunning.