Easter Inspired Crafts

Ethan's nearly two now and so I am starting to explore different activities that we can do together and one of the activities I want to get us into is crafting. Pinterest is absolutely full of so much inspiration for Easter kids crafts at the moment and so I've been excitedly filling up my Easter/spring themed pinterest board and purchasing all of the crafting essentials needed to make some of my favourite ideas.  

 I fell in love instantly with this hand cut out easter chick craft when I spotted it on pinterest and knew I wanted to make it with Ethan, alongside an Easter card or two to give to his grandparents. I brought pretty much everything we used off of Amazon but the easter stickers were a find in Poundland. You don't get very many in the pack though, so if anyone has any recommendations of places to buy cheap easter stickers (or stickers in general) from - please do let me know. :)

Ethan about to make his Easter card - before the painting mess started, though somehow Ethan stayed clean and I got paint all over myself, including in my hair?! Typical ey?! ;)

Whilst he was interested, Ethan is much more of an active type of toddler and hates sitting still and concentrating, so I kept giving him little jobs to do and new things to hold. I also gave hm a piece of coloured paper and a paintbrush with water on to 'paint' during the times when I was doing the cutting  out or something that he isn't yet old enough to do. 

Our wipe clean tablecloth came in very handy!

 Ethans finished Easter card. :)

And our finished Easter, which I think came out rather well for our first attempt. 



  1. Aww we are starting to get into crafty things now with Freddie as well :) it's so much fun isn't it? I'm currently browsing pinterest to find inspiration for an easter bonnet he has to make for nursery- and they want it to be his own work- he's only 19 months! Might need a helping hand from mama i suspect ;) Loving Ethan's cards- they're fab! xx

  2. That chick is so cute, you're a lot more crafty than I am! x

  3. These are really sweet. I need to get more crafty.

  4. Aww so cute!!! I've got some crafts planned with Tyne for easter and I`m planning to video us doing them...should be interesting lol!!!
    The easter chick is soooo cute, I think I might need to make one!!! Lol at the paint in your hair! xxx

  5. aww what cute cards. i'll be getting our craft box out soon to make lots of easter crafts