March Toddler Charity Shop Finds

Though I'm not quite sure why, I hadn't been inside of a charity shop for years up until this month. I decided recently that with Ethan growing up so fast and chopping and changing toys and getting really into his books, I wanted a cheaper alternative to paying an average of £5.99 per book each time. And so I decided to try out our local charity shop to see if I could find anything for Ethan. I'm so glad I did as even though our local village charity shop has a rather small section for children, we've managed to pick up some great bargains. We're trying to make it a bit of a regular thing to pop in there every Tuesday after playgroup now, to have a browse and see what we can find. Here's we've picked up so far this month.

ABC Look and Learn book - 30p
I love you Daddy book - 20p
ELC Blossom Farm puzzle (it also makes animal noises when the pieces are put in correctly) - 50p
The Green Tractor book - 50p
Chuck book and sketcher - 50p.
2 toy cars (Ethan is obsessed with these little cars lately) - 10p each

So in total the above cost a grand total of just £2.10!

Do you regularly have a browse of the charity shops for your little ones? If so, what's been the best bargain you've picked up so far?



  1. I've picked up great picture books with cd sets extremely cheaply at charity shops. Love finding unusual books too! Do you use thebookpeople website for cheap books? It's definitely my favourite. K

  2. Charity shops are brilliant for the toddler age range especially for toys. I remember buying Summer so much when she was little!

  3. I love charity shops! I saw a large plastic dinosaur in a shop for £10 & knew my little man would love it, popped into a charity shop down the street & found an even bigger one for 49p!!

  4. If you are looking for lots of cheap books, The Book People have fab deals. I got 20 books for 80p each in a box. Maybe I'll have to venture into more charity shops - I got an AMAZING haul of stuff today from a charity which had too much, and it was all free..!

  5. Wowee what great bargains! I do love a rummage in the charity shop x

  6. I've never actually been in a charity shop before.

  7. Fabulous finds Alex! I bet Ethan was delighted with all his new goodies. I always visit the charity shop when I go to the city, I post my finds on Instagram but rarely on the blog, I must start! You got some great bargains, 10p is amazing! :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  8. Can't believe what a bargain you got! I'm sure our local charity shops charge like £1-2 a book at least, but maybe I need to go back in for another look

  9. Nice to see someone else does this! We do a weekly trip to our local charity shop and because we go there so often we get great bargains such as prices going even cheaper than the shelf says AND the girls have had some things for free! But with the amount I have spent there and I have given them over 10 big bin bags full of things I think it's fair ha ha! My local charity shop charge around 10p for a book and 10p on certain toys. The best bargain to get there is you get to FILL a bag of clothes (kids clothes) for just £1 !!