Mama Mio - Skin Range For Expectant Mums at John Lewis

Us expectant Mums should always try and make time to relax and pamper our skin, to maximise our pregnancy glow. High intensity body care brand Mio believe skin should be fit as well as healthy and their mantra resonates within the Mio and Mama Mio products. Here's a look at their skin range for expectant Mums..

Mama Mio

Mama Mio Megamama Omega Body Lotion
RRP £24.50
This body lotion packed full of vitamins and superfoods will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and gorgeously fit and healthy and is perfectly safe to use throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil 
RRP £27.00
This Tummy Rub Oil super-elasticises skin and soothes itchy tummies, also helping to keep stretch marks at bay. It's an un-oily oil so your skin will soak it up nice and quickly. 

Mama Mio Lucky Legs Gel
RRP £19.50
Lucky Legs  gives you instant cooling relief from the feeling of heavy, tired, puffy legs and helps with water retention and micro-circulation.
Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube Cream
RRP £29.50
 Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Pregnancy Boob Tube is rich in vital Omegas to lock in hydration. Natural firmers and antioxidants strengthen and protect skin from sagging.

Mama Mio Keep Calm Nipple Balm
RRP £12.00
Keep Calm nipple balm is totally safe for you and your baby, so no need to remove prior to breastfeeding. It can also be used as an amazing rescue balm for lips, cuticles and any dry skin conditions.
Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter
RRP £23.50
The Tummy Rub Butter is your super hero in fighting stretch marks. it super-elasticises skin and soothes itchy tummies.

The full Mama Mio pregnancy range is available to purchase at John Lewis.

Do you have a go-to skin range during pregnancy?



  1. I used this when I was expecting but I think the packaging may have changed, possibly? It's lovely! Pricy but nice :) xx

  2. Oh these look good!! I'm currently using a cream by -TEN- its heavenly but I will be soon running out and it is pricey!!

    Kay xxx

  3. I would have loved skincare like this during pregnancy, it sounds fantastic and something for everything! x