The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 8th Feb 2015]

This week started with me at work, as is usual for a Monday. My brother-in-law, who likes to travel all around the world had surprised us all on the Friday before by returning home for three weeks before he flies back to New Zealand. He spent the day with Adam and their sister at our house and when I got home we all had dinner together, which was nice. 

On Tuesday we had snow! It didn't last for very long as it quickly melted but we managed to get out early enough to take a walk in it before that happened. 

Snow makes everything look so much prettier doesn't it?

I love this picture of Ethan and I, the background is so pretty. Though, Ethan seems a bit bewildered by why everything is covered in white!

Smiles at the park. We were the only ones there which was nice and we managed to get our Me and Mine photo ready for the end of the month. :) (We're so organised this year!) ;)

These two <3 

On Wednesday we went into town for lunch and to go home decor shopping. We spent hours in John Lewis trying to decide on things for on top of our side board where the television used to sit, and we finally decided on the bits above. (Minus the vase which we already had). We've brought a HUGE television last week, which we've mounted above the fireplace and I think the living room looks so much better now. I just need to fill those frames. (I will be posting a living room decor post on the blog soon).

gender reveal, gender reveal ideas
On Thursday we had our 20 week scan - we were so excited to see baby again and also to find out the gender. We found out that Baby #2 is a baby boy and everything looks normal and as it should with him. We are so excited at the thought of having 2 boys! <3

20 week scan photo, anomaly scan, it's a boy, 20 week scan boy,
Hello baby boy!

bump to babyI took a few new pictures of us this week too. I love this one of Ethan and I. 

And I also love this one of Ethan with his Daddy. 

Charlie has spent pretty much the whole week and weekend asleep on our bed. Oh the life of a cat, eh?! ;)



  1. Such lovely pictures! Snow really does make everything more beautiful! X

  2. Gorgeous pictures Alex! I love your home style, we have similar taste, I'll definitely be looking to you for inspo when we're decorating our new house xx

  3. What an exciting week, and lovely photos! I like how you've styled your sideboard... and it's reminded me I need to get some things to make our place feel like 'home'. Your new sidebar images are great btw! x

  4. Lovely photos as always. I agree snow makes everything look so much prettier. Look forward to seeing your home decor post xx

  5. Beautiful photos in the snow. Ooo and your home style is gorgeous too!💕
    I love the idea with the balloons. :)

    Jodie x

  6. Such a lovely week, I love your gender reveal photo and those frames are gorgeous! x

  7. Sounds like a lovely week! I love the snow photos, I love the one of you and Ethan!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  8. Looks like a lovely week! Your cat looks identical to my cat Felix!

  9. Such beautiful photos as always Alex, that one of you and Ethan in the snow is a definite framer- it's stunning. What an exciting week you have had and I loved your baby gender announcement. xx

  10. Lovely photos, and such wonderful news that it is another boy. x

  11. Ahh what gorgeous moments this week. I love so many of these photos. You are truly an amazing photographer and your family is so beautiful too! lol I am so excited for you Alex. Love the scan photos too. making me all broody! #ordinarymoments

  12. Gorgeous photos. Noah recently had his first experience of snow too! x

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