Dreaming of Summer

It feels like winter has been hanging around way longer than it's welcome to stay for. I'm so over being cold and I can't wait to leave the house without having to wear a thick coat, gloves, a hat and a scarf. Winter.. I really am SO OVER YOU. 

When I think back to our holiday in Greece, all I can think about (apart from the beyond amazing food) is the sun and how hot it was every single day. I miss it so much and I wish the UK weather could be somewhat like it, even if just a little. Everyone is so much happier and everything feels that much better when the sun comes out to play. It was bliss spending hours lounging around the outside pools, watching Ethan and his Daddy splash around in the water. Ahh.. somebody please take me back!

Holidays in the sun is where the fun is at. And as soon as January hit I was already thinking about if we would be going on holiday this year - being that bump #2 is due. Luckily we've already been invited to Wales in March, and as much as this is highly unlikely to be a sunny trip, there will be pools! 

I've sorted my maternity swimsuit already. Adam's also sorted for swimwear and Ethan is too. I managed to get myself a gorgeous swimsuit with a bow on the front and I'm so pleased with it. There are some gorgeous swimsuits around for us girls aren't there?! I don't have a daughter (unless baby #2 is a girl - we shall find that out on Thursday!), but if I did, I know where I'd be heading for her swimsuit, and that is over to..heidi klein! They sell the most beautiful of swimsuits for little girls. They're pretty and practical - blocking out 97% of the sun's harmful rays. And don't even get me started on the coordinating dresses to match! If I have a little girl, there's one thing for sure.. I'll need a bigger bank balance! Little girls clothes are just completely and utterly adorable! 

So yes, anyway.. Dearest Summer, I am VERY much looking forward to seeing you, please do hurry back! Anytime around NOW would be more than fine, thanks!  


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  1. Never heard of this brand but such gorgeous swimsuits!!! Roll on summer! xx

  2. Oh I never went swimming in pregnancy, would have loved a maternity swimsuit! x

  3. Awe those costumes are beautiful - but a tad on the expensive side! Love the matching sets though! I am ready for summer though - especially as we aren't getting the snow with the cold weather.