Do Mothers have a special sort of intuition with their children? Or is my Mum psychic?

When I found out that I was expecting baby #2, I was thrilled and totally ecstatic, just like I was with Ethan. But this time I have been more cautious and much slower to tell people than I was first time around. Pregnancy isn’t easy and sometimes there are complications, what our bodies do as women is utterly amazing and with a such a big job for our bodies to do things can’t and don’t always go smoothly.

At around 12 weeks pregnant with Ethan I had a huge bleed whilst at work. I had searing pain through my stomach and was informed by staff at the hospital that it was likely that I was losing my baby. I felt utterly numb and I'll never forget the feeling of devastation I had at being told that. Thankfully, I ended up being extremely lucky – I went back for a scan the next day and my baby (Ethan) was absolutely fine, I had a ruptured placenta, but thankfully  - that was all. I’ve never felt so grateful and thankful in my entire life and I cried tears of joy out loud as soon as I saw him move on the screen. But the whole experience made me realise just how fragile pregnancy is. And when you hear from friends and/or family that they’ve lost a child during pregnancy, it reinforces this worry and sense of risk even more.

And so I felt (and I still feel) more cautious this time around and I knew straight away that I wanted to keep the early weeks of this pregnancy between Adam and I.  I accidentally ended up telling my Mother-in-law a few weeks later during a discussion about booking a family holiday for her birthday. It’s not how I wanted to have told her but sometimes these things happen and it wasn’t like I was unhappy for her to know. I went home that night still not feeling particularly comfortable to tell people, but guilty that whilst my mother-in-law knew, my own mum didn’t. I told myself that I’d tell her in the morning and then I went to bed.
I woke the next morning to a text from my Mum which read, “Omg are you pregnant?!”.. I was totally and utterly baffled by her text. My mother-in-law had promised to keep our news to herself and so I knew it hadn’t come from her. I desperately trawled through my social media networks to see if the pregnancy app I am using had automatically posted an update on my behalf - but nothing.
I replied to her text with three question marks, to see what she said. And when she she replied she said, “I dreamt last night you said “Mum my periods are playing up and I exclaimed “You’re pregnant!!!”.
I sat there in disbelief for a while and during that time she sent me two further texts.. “Well… Spill…..??”, “Are my spidey senses tingling?”

I ended up face timing her shocked and totally stunned to let her know that her ‘spidey’ senses certainly were tingling correctly!
I still can’t get my head around the fact that it came to her on a dream, the same very night/day that I was going to tell her myself. Perhaps it was some sort of psychic intervention (if you believe in all that), that helped me to tell my Mum because I was struggling to and I needed for her to know (because since she’s known I’ve felt SO more relaxed about my worries). Perhaps it’s true that a Mother has a special intuition with their child. Or perhaps it was just pure coincidence.
Either way, it sure spooked me out! Now I just need her to dream up the winning lottery numbers.. ;)

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  1. Haha, that's amazing Alex!!

    When I told my mum I was expecting she said "Oh, I only said to someone in work the other day that I didn't think you'd have children until you were in your 30s!" (I was 26 at the time)... definitely no spidey senses from my mum.

    I wonder if you were giving off subconscious signs when you were around your mum (touching your belly etc) and your mum then, also subconsciously, picked up on them - hence the dream.

    This kind of stuff seriously fascinates me!!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Awww thats so cute! lol! Its no secret that I very much believe in psychic abilities and stuff, so I think its definitely possible that you're mum had a psychic experience/mother-daughter intuition - it just makes sense to me! You came from her, so why wouldnt she be attuned to whats happening to your body? I think its lovely :)

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  3. Wow! That's amazing! I do think mothers and daughters have a very special bond and these sort of things can happen. I do think there are people in this world who are more intuitive than others. When I announced my pregnancy at work one of my colleagues claimed that she had known beforehand. Obviously there was no proof, but she is quite an intuitive lady who claims to have psychic abilities - her guess that I would have a girl though was wrong! x

  4. I think there can be some very lovely things that could just be coincidence or could be something else. When friends of ours were having their second baby M's parents were first choice to look after little O and we were second. When they phoned his Dad at 5am on a Sunday morning he answered on the first ring; he'd woken up because he heard a baby girl crying - two hours later his granddaughter arrived. And only later did we realise we'd been up as well - binge watching a tv series as you could do in the pre baby era!!

  5. Oh wow that is amazing! She just knew! x

  6. Awe that's amazing! I would love to think that I can have this connection with my daughter - it would be fab to know that I could be there for her no matter what, as what your Mum probably feels about you :)

  7. That's so crazy!! I wonder if we'll have those sort of psychic powers with our bubs when they get older! I hope so haha. Congratulations on your second pregnancy!! So happy for you xx

    Thrive on Novelty