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Water - it may at first appear like a bit of a boring subject to talk about, but reading through the below infographic actually really interested me. You see, I am personally guilty of turning on the tap and just expecting to see clean running water. I'm guilty also of taking  a shower everyday and not thinking twice about how much water I'm using. I always expect my toilet to flush and I never give it a second thought. I'm pretty guilty of taking water for granted, as bad as that sounds. I suppose because I've never had to be without it and it's always been there, it's not something I really spend too much time giving much thought to.

Reading the below infographic actually made me realise how much I take water for granted and it made me stop and think about how much water that my family and I use every single day. And in reality, it's actually quite a lot. I/we depend on water so much. And when I think about how lucky I am to have clean, fresh, running water at my disposal, I actually feel bad for not giving it more thought. Because actually when I do stop and think about it, I am actually very thankful to have it. 

As much as water seems to be something that we are all used to having, there are some people who express concerns with their household water pressure, myself included. We actually have problems with our bath taps, the water seems to trickle out of the tap and it feels like it takes a lifetime to fill the bath (so we use the shower to fill it up). Salamander Pumps have recently just set up their sister site Water Pressure Problems, with the aim being to tackle the arising topic of water pressure problems causing wastages and more money for consumers. I've been having a read through the site just now and have found it really, really useful. It's packed full of information and answers to questions that I've only ever asked in my head. There's so much advice about how to fix water pressure problems in the home and it's a site that is well worth a look and I think, really worth bookmarking. 




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