Little Kids with Big Dreams

We all want our children to grow up happy, healthy and find a job that at least pays the mortgage and allows for an annual family holiday. Our children are a bit more ambitious though - they want to grow up to be mermaids, dinosaur hunters or superheroes! We may be a long way off from helping our children fill out any application forms, but let's look at a few seemingly impossible dreams and see if, one day, we can help make them come true..

The dream: Fireman..
Helmets off to Fireman Sam for making this a classic wannabe career. Who wouldn't want to ride around in a big red truck with a screaming siren, 20 foot ladder and fully functioning water jet hose?
The reality:
It's not all about rescuing cats from trees and releasing people from stuck lifts. Modern-day firefighters are called out at a moment's notice to tackle a burning building, mop up a dangerous chemical spillage or deal with a serious road crash. Training is rigorous and firefighters are expected to be in peak physical fitness all the time. Despite recent industry disputes over pay, conditions and retirement age, the fire service is still a popular career option for both men and women. In some places, there are 150 applicants for just one job!

The dream: Professional footballer..
Spending every Saturday kicking about with your mates, wearing your favourite strip and earning loads of money to boot - now that's the life.
The reality:
Not every brilliant football player makes it to the big league, but there are ways and means of kick-starting a talented child's career. The most important thing is to get noticed. Most of the big clubs have links to community schemes so make sure your son (or daughter) plays for their school and their local club so they can showcase their skills. Scouts aren't just looking for raw talent. Kids must have the right attitude, be committed, show a competitive streak and be strong team players.
If your little soccer star is good enough, they could get signed up to a club's youth team or be offered a place at a football academy or centre of excellence. Who knows, one day we could all be putting our money on the football betting for your son or daughter to score the winning goal at the World Cup.

The dream: Spaceman..
Floating in zero gravity and eating re-hydrated food in outer-space is a well-loved fantasy for lots of lads and lasses.
The reality:
Astronauts are high academic achievers, so a brilliant degree from a good university is imperative. As is a masters. And a PhD. Then your child will probably need to train as a fighter pilot. Experience in computer science, navigation, chemistry and biology would also be an advantage. Now that's what you call shooting for the stars. Maybe saving the world in spandex would be a more achievable goal, after all.
*Little kids with big dreams By Xurble


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  1. Hubby is incredibly lucky that he always wanted to be a policeman and he got to be one quite early on. The reality never lives up to the dream though but he does love his job x