Baby #2: Treats For Me and for Other Expectant Mums!

Being pregnant is amazing but it's also hard and so is giving birth, so it seems only fair and right that us expectant Mums can treat ourselves during this time, right? .. Well I think so anyway! ;) Here are some of the things I've been loving lately..

I'd seen this Bump to Birthday journal on a few other blogs and I sort of fell in love with it just by looking at the cover. Now that I own it, I can safely say it's even better inside the cover! I love filling out the pages whenever I get a spare quiet moment (as rare as that is!). It covers so much, including all of the pregnancy and how you found out etc and then it goes right up until baby's first birthday. There's space for photographs and scan photos too which I love. And one of my other favourite aspects about it is that it has a description of how big the growing baby during pregnancy is and their development that week. I, personally, think this will be wonderful to give to my baby and look back on together when they're old enough to understand it. I just wish I'd known about it when I was pregnant with Ethan. 

I only discovered Diary Dolls* the other day via twitter after seeing the hashtag #readyforanything and when I did I instantly thought they were such a great idea. There's so much hype around Diary Dolls at the moment about how they are every girls must have underwear for periods, pelvic floor exercises and for post maternity. They were been created by tennis star Annabel Croft and TV presenter Carol Smillie and they contain a waterproof panel to protect clothing and bedding against any embarrassing leaks (like those you get post maternity!). You can wash them as normal and they look and feel exactly like regular pants. You wear them together with your normal protection and nobody need ever know! I really could of done with something like this for when I had Ethan, so these are going to be SO handy for post maternity this time around and I think they'll fast become every pregnant woman's hospital bag essential! 

I, like most people, am a huge cupcake fan as well as a huge cookie fan! (Mmm.. Millies cookies!). I love reading Anna Sacconne's blog and I've seen her bake some amazing cupcakes using this book. So I thought I'd treat myself to it and attempt to hopefully learn how to bake! It's absolutely full to the brim of the most amazing cupcake recipes that I've ever seen. They look so tasty and really impressive, I just hope I can re-create some of them. I've never baked anything before except a batch of cookies once, which to be fair were really easy to do, so wish me luck! If you're interested to know where I brought my copy -  it was from eBay.

I actually received this Cath Kidston diary last year for my birthday (when I wasn't pregnant), but I still wanted to add it on to this post as it's only now that I've started to use it properly. It is absolutely beautiful and I love it so much. I am hopeless at keeping diaries - I buy one every year and end up not touching them, but so far I have been keeping this religiously and quite honestly that's down to how stunning it is and how much room it has inside for me to write everything in. I've felt SO much better since keeping a diary and feel so much more organised. I think it can totally be classed as an expectant Mummy treat because it's helping me keep on top of how many weeks pregnant I am aswell as my scan dates and appointments. ;)

I am so excited about my new Pink Lining holdall which I will be using as my hospital bag. I've been such a huge big Pink Lining fan for ages now and I adore their changing bags of which I have two. The holdall is gorgeous -  I love the pretty bow pattern and the colours and it of course even has the gorgeous hot pink lining inside. It's seriously huge and it fits so much inside - it's the perfect size and shape for weekends away and of course - hospital stays ;) It also comes with a choice of adjustable and detachable straps and features a pocket on the outside and an interior zip pocket and pouch pocket on the  inside, so it has plenty of room for everything! I will be posting more about this again when the time comes for me to begin packing my hospital bag (eek!) and I will show you just how much stuff it can fit inside! 

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  1. Oh such wonderful gifts! I love the Bump to Birthday book, I never really had any record books for the children but that looks lovely x

  2. I have never heard of diary dolls before but it sounds like such a good idea! I have the same bag for my hospital bag and it fits both babys things and mine xx

  3. Great post Alex. I love writing in my bump to birthday diary for Harry and I very nearly bought that bag after seeing it on Annas blog haha! It looks so big! xx

  4. Ohh very jel of your pink lining bag! I think I might have to treat myself... I got this one as my OH is a total comic book nerd :) http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1ed7/ but it would be nice to have a more girly one too!

  5. I've seen that book on other blogposts too, I think it looks great, hope you enjoy filling it in. The knickers sound great as well. I love Anna Saccone's blog as well, think I may have to add this book to my shopping list, haha'

  6. I've got the same diary and only mentioned it on my blog yesterday evening. I was so bad at filling it out this time though.
    I had a different one on Matthew which had pockets for scans and stuff. As they say you don't get much time to do the same amount of things you want to record for the second child.
    I might have to look at that diary because I've been looking for a nice one for the last few weeks.
    Thanks for posting this.

  7. I filled out the bump to birth book for Missy Moo and I absolutely loved it so very much. Only wish I had had one with Buba. Lovely gifts for expecting mommies. Enjoy hun.

  8. Amazing items! Especially the Bump to Birthday journal! I wish I knew this earlier - my daughter is coming up to 2 years old now.

  9. I love the Bump to Birthday Journal. I had so much fun filling mine in while I was pregnant and it's great for making a note of all the new things my daughter does now. It's so pretty too. Diary Dolls sound brilliant.

  10. My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby this year (I'm finally going to be an aunt eeee) and I just sent them a surprise parcel of goodies. I had a personalised chalk board made so they could count down the days until he/she arrives, first and second scan picture frames, a mum to be pamper kit and the pregnancy and first year journal like in your first pic!

    It's a lovely book x