What I Received For Christmas 2014

I have always been really lucky and super grateful at christmas time, I always receive such lovely gifts and it means a great deal to me, especially now I'm a parent and the main focus is essentially on Ethan.

I have thrown this post together super quickly just to share some of the wonderful things that I was lucky enough to receive this year from the people I love. :)

pearl drop earrings

 These pearl drop earrings were a gift from Adam, I love them so much.

gift vouchers

I received lots of gift cards which I can't wait to spend!

My mum got me the diffuser and scented candle set. The cat socks are from Adams parents and the knee high socks from Adam. I also received a photography book from Adam which I can't wait to read, as I would love to know to how to use my camera better!

My mum got me an owl box that sort of looks like a thick book, I plan to keep either important documents or keepsakes inside of it. The navy coloured shoulder bag was a gift from Adams family. 

Adams sister brought me the cat wheat bag. And the purse was from Adam. 

iphone 6 cover, iPhone 6 cat cover

Adam also brought me a new iPhone cover for my new iPhone 6. It's very me ;)

I received a cosy pair of pyjamas from Adam, that I have been living in ever since I opened them, quite literally! I'm sure there's an unwritten rule that says you can wear pyjama bottoms 24/7 when you're pregnant ;)

This little purse/pouch was from Adams parents. 

My Mum got me these mirrored wall stickers for my house. 

jewellery holder

This jewellery holder was a gift from Ethan (and Daddy) ;)

My talented sister Louise drew this for Adam and I of Ethan. She is amazing at art and this really does mean a lot to us!

I know that I've missed some stuff out, but I'd sort of put everything away before I took the photos for this post, so I had to try and dig it all back out again! You can just about make out another pair of pyjamas that I received from Adams parents and a cat calendar that my friend Vicky brought for me and I received some christmas money too. 

I'm so grateful for all the presents that not only I received but Adam and Ethan too. We had such a wonderful christmas and feel utterly spoilt :)

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  1. Beautiful gifts Alex, you were spoilt! The purse from Adam's parents is so pretty! Enjoy all your new goodies and spending all those gift cards :)

  2. A great set of presents, the earrings are beautiful! xx

  3. I love all the cat presents. :) You seem to be a cat lover just like me.

  4. Lots of lovely gifts! The picture your sister did of Ethan is beautiful, such a meaningful gift x

  5. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas Alex and were utterly spoiled! I love the iPhone cover! xx

  6. Lovely lovely presents! Merry late Christmas and a happy new year!

  7. Gorgeous gifts, I love those mirror stickers. The sketch of Ethan is so beautiful and very personal which is even better! Merry Christmas x

  8. Aww such lovely gifts, especially the sketch! Thats such a thoughtful gift! xx