Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project December 2014

Looking at other bloggers yearly round-ups of their family photographs for Me and Mine makes me feel sort of sad that I never joined in with this every single month.. I slacked, massively. BUT I am going to do it every month next year, I've promised myself. PLUS I'm committed.. the wonderfully talented Lucy from Dear Beautiful who created this amazing link up has ever so kindly asked me to help co-host next year, which to be honest was a massive shock and has made me feel really honoured (and of course, I excitingly agreed). The family snaps that come out monthly for Me and Mine from other bloggers are always utterly amazing and so I feel I really need to up my game when it comes to taking my own family pictures. I need to get creative, but mostly I need to remember to get us all in front of the camera!

And that's what Me and Mine is all about really.. getting the WHOLE family in front of the camera. As parents we are far too often the ones behind the camera snapping away at our family aren't we? And so I am utterly excited to say that next month and throughout the whole of 2015 I will be much more focused when it comes to my Me and Mine contribution.. and I'm so looking forward to it!

But anyway for now lets talk December 2014.. this is the month that we've reflected on our whole year.. this year we've moved house to our dream location, brought a dream car for my Husband, been on holiday twice - once to Dorset and the other time to Greece, thanks to the holiday I won at Brit Mums Live. It is of course, the year I met some amazing fellow bloggers at Brit Mums Live in London in June. And the year that my Husband went part time at work to focus on growing his home business. It's the year that Ethan learnt to walk. And we've ended the year with the most fantastic news of all.. we will be growing our family next year when baby #2 arrives and we cannot wait!

This month we celebrated Christmas as a family of three for what is hopefully the last time (I say hopefully because fingers crossed - we'll be a four next year!). This year was Ethans second Christmas and it felt so much more exciting as he understands that much more this year, but I know that this excitement will just grow and grow as each year passes and he starts to understand more.

So for my Me and Mine this month I am re-using our Christmas day photo because, well.. you HAVE to have a family snap in front of the tree for December right? ;) Though I'm not quite sure what Ethan is doing with his mouth!.. Ah well, that's toddlers for you hey?! ;)
dear beautiful

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  1. Gorgeous pictures my love, wow a host too, congratulations, like you I only stumbled across this mid year and failed to join in every month, I will be from January and cannot wait x

  2. I am so excited that you are joining the team next year. It's going to be fantastic, and I'll be nudging you each month so you can't forget to take one of your lovely photos.
    I think Christmas tree snaps are a Christmas right of passage really, you just have to take them. We took several!!! And I just love yours. So exciting to think that there will be four of you in next years Christmas tree shot. x

  3. Lovely photos! We actually forgot to get a photo of us all on xmas day haha! That's one thing im wanting to do next year, take more family photos. We barely have any of the three of us! I'd love to join in with this linky but Andy wont so i guess the sibling one will have to do :) Happy New Year Alex!! xx

  4. Gorgeous photo of the three of you and looking forward to seeing your photos next year. Happy New Year lovely x

  5. Think we will take part in this too! I'm terrible at getting pictures of us all, but I got a tripod for Christmas so I have no excuses now! xxx

  6. Oh it's a lovely shot - and so exciting that next year there will be four of you (fingers crossed) - and now of course you have no excuse for not getting a photo!

  7. Ahh what a beautiful shot! And so excited you are joining the Me & Mine team! Me too! I can't wait. Although my photos are no where near everyone else's beauties but I will strive to be better for sure! lol Your family is so adorable and always so happy! #meandmine

  8. This is a lovely photo. Sadly I've also slacked this year (and last). I am determined that 2015 will be my year to get the full set. Looking forward to seeing yours as a host!