Prezzo, Bletchley, Milton Keynes Review (Brand new branch)

prezzo bletchley review

Prezzo is one of my favourite places to eat out. Adam and I have been going to Prezzo together since we were 14 years old and so it holds a lot of special memories for us. Asides from all the wonderful memories we both have of eating out at Prezzo, we've never left feeling anything less than completely satisfied. 

We've visited many branches over the years and always find the staff approachable, friendly and very chatty. They'll go out of their way for you. The food is always utterly amazing and we never have any complaints. The restaurants themselves are always completely clean and the decor is cosy, minimalistic and fresh. And it's for those reasons that we keep going back. 

On Thursday evening we were invited along to review the brand new, just literally opened, Bletchley branch of Prezzo in Milton Keynes. As a big fan of their decor, I excitedly couldn't wait to see what they'd done with the place and when we arrived I wasn't disappointed. There are candles dotted about on every table, lots of modern lighting and big mirrors. Along with plenty of seats and table spacing, a long bar and a festive Christmas tree that stands proudly in the corner. Prezzo always get it so right. 

Food wise, they've got their brand new Christmas menu for 2014 and on there are some amazing choices to be had. A 2 course lunch for £15.95 or a 3 course lunch for £17.95. And for dinner there's a 3 course dinner for £19.95 (you choose what you'd like from the menu). And all set menus include a glass of prosecco (well it is christmas after all!). But if you don't fancy anything from the Christmas menu, they have their regular menus on offer too. 

For starters, I had the mozazarella in carrozza. This is my absolute favourite, it tastes absolutely beautiful and is making me feel very hungry as I type this! 

Adam opted for the grilled goats cheese. They made such an effort with presentation as usual and I love how much you get for your money - these are not small portions. :)

For his main, Adam went for the goats cheese al forno with mushrooms, peppers, spinach and fusilli in tomato and pesto sauce. This is such a winning main dish, especially for us vegetarians. 

My main meal was the wild mushroom girasole which comes with buffalo mozzarella, pesto, cherry tomatoes and rocket. It's available on the Christmas menu and it tastes absolutely gorgeous!

By the time dessert rolled around, we were both feeling very full (which is always a good sign in any restaurant). So we opted to share a 'mini-dessert', of vanilla cheesecake with fresh raspberries and raspberry coulis. If you've never tried this at Prezzo, you absolutely must, it is just heavenly! You also get to choose a hot drink to go with it and we opted for a decaff coffee which finished of our evening really nicely. 

A big thank you to Prezzo for inviting us a long. The new branch in Bletchley is just as wonderful as the other branches are. The brand new Prezzo branch is located in Stadium Way, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, postcode: MK1 1ST (it is pretty much next to the retail park where you can find Primark, New Look, River Island, etc).

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  1. So hungry now! I always have the goat's cheese starter and mushroom girasole main so you've had my absolute favourites between you!xx

    1. They are so lovely aren't they? Gosh just thinking about Prezzo makes me hungry! x

  2. Sounds lovely and not far from us!

    1. It is so lovely, well worth a visit when you next head out for a meal x

  3. Oh I love Prezzo and your food looks amazing! x

  4. Looks lovely will have to go there at some point during 2015