Our Family Festive Christmas Jumpers

If you'd ever had asked me whether or not I was a fan of christmas jumpers before now, I would have firmly said no. I now know that I never truly gave them a chance, because they are utterly AWESOME and just so festive! 

All of our christmas jumpers this year are from George at Asda and we are all so pleased with each of ours. We've had so many compliments on them when we've been out, especially so with Ethans mini-jumper, being that it looks super cute on him! They are all reasonably priced (see below for pricing) and really lovely quality too! Oh and I should mention totally warm! Mine's actually made from that super soft material, it's heavenly!

We actually ended up taking around 50+ photos trying to get a nice family shot by our tree, but Ethan really did not want to sit and smile. (He's totally hit that age where's he's way too cool (or busy) to stop and wait for me to take photos anymore!). 

In the end our photos started ended up looking something like this.. (that's when you know it's time to give up!) ;)

Today it is 'Christmas Jumper Day' and Save The Children UK are asking grown-ups for a suggested donation of £2 and schools and children for £1 for wearing your festive themed jumpers to work and school.And this year the government will double your money – matching every pound you give! 

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  1. How cute does Ethan look, love his jumper. And love yours I still don't have a particularly festive jumper so might have a look in asda. I have the same problem with Amelia and photos on demand...thing of the past! Xx

  2. Ahhh bless this is so cute. Same here even as an American I hated wearing them every year my whole life. Now I can't wait to get them. We tried photo in front of the tree never happens. Hahaha

  3. Ah you all look so cute! We are a fan of the festive jumper here- well me and the girls are. I can't get Mr E to wear one! x

  4. I love Christmas jumpers!! You all look fabulous, I must admit I love the fun photo at the end though ;)