"How to Build-a-Bear" by Ethan G.

This is Ted..

And this is Ted's birth certificate..

And my name is Ethan. Hiii.

Today I am taking over my Mummy's blog (which really is mine, as it's pretty much always about me) and I am going to tell you other babies, toddlers and kids out there how to build and adopt your own Ted. (You can't have mine as I love him way too much, sorry!). 

So without further ado, let me guide you through the process. If at any point you find you're not following, see below for pictures of myself in bear-building action. 

Step 1 - Find and locate your nearest Build-a-Bear store. We found ours in the centre of Milton Keynes. This is a good one, the staff there are very friendly and there's lot of bears to choose from. Remember to take your Mum or Dad with you for any official type stuff.. i.e. taking photos and paying (never use your own money, always always always choose the bank of Mum and Dad).

Step 2 - Choose your bear. There's a lot to choose from so take your time and make sure you check out all of the christmassy bears too, they made me feel rather festive!

Step 3 -  Once you've decided on your bear, get him or her a voice. There's a voice box located in the store and picking out your bears voice is a lot of fun. There's lots of button pressing to do and this is one of my favourite things to do lately. 

Step 4 - Wait patiently (no tantrums) to get your bear stuffed. He or she will also need a heart so pick them one and DONT forgot to give it a little kiss (but don't try and eat it -  it's not food!) before it goes in (that way he or she will know you love them and they will love you back). 

Step 5 - Once your bear is stuffed, protect their modesty and find them some clothes. You don't want them being cold and it is very nippy this time of year! Please choose something stylish, you know how embarrassing it is when Mum and Dad dress you in something that is so not cool... Your bear does not want to go through that embarrassment! 

Step 6 - Before you get him or her dressed, get them cleaned up and give them a nice hot soapy bath. The facilities can be found within the store, which is very handy, it will save you a job when you get home. 

Step 7- Once their showered and dressed, you'll need to start thinking names. Now don't all rush to use my Ted's name please. He is a unique little bear and he would like to stay that way, thank you. You will need to head over to the computer, but not to browse the latest going-on's on Facebook, you have an important job to do.. You need to register your bears birth. If you get stuck at all, just call over Mum or Dad, they are pretty good with all that official-type stuff! 

Step 8 - This is the final step and don't worry it's the most easiest of the steps. You now need to take your bear home, love it, cuddle it, take it to bed with you every night and make sure you remember to bath it, clean it and give him lots to eat. He or she relies completely on you now, so it's time to step up in the world. 

If you need any further advice on this matter, you can drop me an email at: ethan.g@bump-to-baby-enterprises.com - I'll reply as soon as I can (unless I'm busy taking care of Ted of course)! 

By Ethan, aged 19 (and three quarters) months. 

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  1. We took Lilly to build a bear (also in mk) last week, she lived it until she saw her bear being stuffed then she cried haha x

  2. How did I miss this before? Cutest post ever!!! 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻