Omega 3 For Vegetarians

EvirOmega by Efamol is their first pure fish free, plant based source of DHA and EPA extracted from sustainable and renewable marine micro algae. 

The high levels of omega-3 in fish are a result of their algae diet, meaning that Efamol’s EnvirOmega is a supplement direct from the source.

omega 3 vegetarian

What is the importance of fish-free Omega’s?

Due to the demand for fish, unsustainable fishing methods are being used around the world causing a global problem. Countless species of fish are now at the brink of extinction and this has caused damage to the entire eco-system where they exist. Despite the issue of overfishing, it is still reported that less than half of us in the UK are eating enough oily fish. Efamol are advocating a different approach; an environmentally friendly alternative to a fish oil supplement. 

When it comes to vegetarians specifically, their diets can cause them to be low in omega-3 and in some cases long serving vegetarians have been found to have virtually no DHA levels in the blood. EnvirOmega is a completely vegetarian friendly solution meaning that it can safely become a daily supplement to increase DHA levels.

Studies on the Algal Oil contained in EnvirOmega have shown numerous benefits and improvements including a 50% improvement in children’s reading abilities. Another study proved that normal brain function in adults improved, their blood DHA levels had doubled and there was a significant drop in their heart rate (meaning that the heart was not needing to work as hard). One of the best physical qualities of EnvirOmega are the taste and smell, with no fishy smell or aftertaste making it considerably more desirable than some of its fishy competitors.

EnvirOmega contains 125mg of DHA and 60mg of EPA from pure Algal Oil. As well as EnvirOmega being considered a high strength formula due to the content of DHA and EPA, Efamol have included 5mg of Vitamin E within this supplement which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

EnvirOmega is available online at www.efamol.com and in most Boots stores and Boots online, priced competitively at £11.99 for 60 capsules.

EnvirOmega contains NO yeast, NO Gluten or gluten derivatives, NO artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

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