Asus ME176 MeMoPad Review

I was recently asked by the PR for ASUS whether or not I would like to review their ME176 MeMoPad. I didn't own a tablet prior to this, so I agreed to review it and feedback my honest opinion. I should state right abut now, that I am in fact an Apple girl at heart, my Husband works for Apple and we both have the latest iPhones and other Apple gadgets and we love them. I'd never go back to any other brand of phone after owning all of the latest iPhones for years now.

So with this in mind, I really wasn't sure what to expect from the Asus MeMoPad. Could I really be swayed to own and enjoy a piece of tech that wasn't Apple branded?.. Well, in short the answer to that question is yes. 

The ME176 MeMoPad by Asus has may great points to it, including:

- The fact that for what you get it is excellent value at around £100, which is considerably cheaper than some other tablets.
- It's probably, (though you'd need to officially check, so don't quote me) around the same size as an iPad mini at 7” 
- It can be purchased in a variety of colours  - vibrant blue, red, yellow, black or white. 
- It has around about a 9 hour battery life
· A backlit LED screen with anti-fingerprint coating
- A super-speedy Intel Quad-Core processor
- It's ultra-light-weight at 295g
- And does include a rear and front front camera

So how have I been getting on with it? 
I've owned it for just over a month now and I have to say it's much better than what I expected (being that I am an Apple nerd). I find it easy to use on a daily basis, and in the beginning I picked it all up a lot faster than what I thought I would. I love the design, it's sleek and really light to hold. 

But, I'm not such a fan of the camera on it sadly, I find it a little grainy and wouldn't use it to take photos (Sorry ASUS) but I'm not sure that that's the main reason that people buy tablets anyway? I don't often hear of people using their tablets to take photos, and I certainly wouldn't, so a slightly grainy camera on the MeMoPad isn't such a big deal I don't think. Plus, I'm probably just too used to my DSLR.

Accessing your social media is easy and the screen is a great size for flicking through Facebook and Twitter and catching up on the latest youTube videos, which play in fantastic quality. I enjoyed reading other blogs on it too, it makes a nice change to be on the go but have my favourite blogs on a bigger screen then my phone. I have no issues at all with the graphics, I think the display is really nice and fantastic quality. And audio wise, I am very happy with it. 

The ME176 MeMoPad by ASUS has a feel to it that makes it appear a lot more pricier than it actually is if that makes sense?! And that can only be a good thing. Asides from the camera issues, I truly think that it is of superb quality and makes a great choice of tablet for the whole family or even just for yourself. 

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  1. Mummy is an Apple Nerd too, with her iPhone and iPad, but she is interested to see what other tablets are like for my brother. Great reading! x

  2. This sounds perfect for carrying around instead of my iPad, great size too x

  3. I wanted to get this for my niece during the Black Friday sales but resisted. I am such an Apple nerd too, iPhone, iPad, Macbook. I think if there was an iFridge I would probably have that too. LOL

  4. Love it! I think I would choose the red or blue! Look a great size perfect for taking out and about!

  5. I love the sound of this and the red one looks beautiful. Looks like a really great product :)

  6. I've never seen these before, i love the size!

  7. good size and prefer the red one

  8. This is a great handbag size and I would love one

  9. I love the bright design! Very different and looks great.

  10. The ME176 MeMoPad by Asus looks to be a great useful product

  11. Thanks for your review it sounds a real bargain going to check it out

  12. I love the red one and the size sounds perfect as well xx

  13. I think it looks great. I am an apple nerd too but wanted a cheap tablet for my 8 year old. I bought a HUDL but after endless problems I got a refund and bought an iPad mini. This looks like it might have been a cheaper option.

  14. It looks good - my husband works for an Apple reseller, selling to schools, so am the same, just have Apple stuff here!!