How to sleep well

With so much of our thinking caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to not give second thought to our sleeping patterns. And when you consider that according to the National Sleep Foundation we should spend approximately one third of our lives asleep, it's worth spending some time making sure that when you sleep, you do it well!

So here's a few pointers on how you can maximise you and your family's sleeping potential.

It's not for nothing that Feng Shui is massively popular these days. With homes becoming ever more compact, there are huge benefits in using these simple, yet effective spatial rules to harmonise your bedroom.

To make sure that your bed is in a 'commanding' Feng Shui position, it needs to be in the area diagonally furthest from the door, and not in line with the door itself. 

Also, position the bed away from electrical appliances. This will help limit the amount of harmful electromagnetic fields circulating in your sleeping area.


Beds are not only for sleeping of course. You and your child will find it can be the perfect place for reading or playing. So it's important to make sure that there is a good supporting wall behind your bed, and even better to have a decent headboard too, such as the wide range of specialised headboards offered by Bedstar.

A headboard can greatly aid posture by straightening the spine and providing support for the neck, thus avoiding the threat of muscle strain caused by late night reading!


Most important of all is how your body is positioned when sleeping. Physical therapist Mieke Scripps suggests the following:

● Avoid sleeping on your stomach as this puts the lower spine in an unnatural curve.
● Sleeping on your back is the best position as your spine stays in natural alignment. Be aware to support the space behind your neck with a small pillow, but make sure that the pillow isn't so obtrusive as to push the head forwards.
● If you sleep on your side, make sure that the trouble zones of the head and neck, shoulder and back muscles are catered to with the support of small pillows.
● Although the fetal position may seem perfectly natural, it should be treated with caution as the shoulders and neck are unlikely to be naturally aligned in this position. 

So if in doubt, remember to try and maintain a position where there is little or no strain on your back and then hopefully you'll be able to sleep the whole night through!

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