5 Ways You Can Improve Your Blog

The New Year is just a few weeks away, and naturally most of us will use this time of year for a little introspection. We'll ask ourselves what happened in the past year and what we can improve in 2015. This will involve setting new goals and steering ourselves away from the devil that is procrastination. It should also be a time to think more about your blog. With just a few tweaks you can breathe new life into your blog and exponentially increase your reader numbers. While you'll probably want to do your own brainstorming, here's a list of five things I've found have worked for my own blog this year..

Think like a reader

It might sound obvious, but you should always ask yourself if your latest blog is interesting. Sometimes us bloggers write only about things we like and pay little regard to how it could be made more appealing to a larger audience. f you spend some time finding out who your readers are, you should be able to speak to their hearts and minds. You should also read other people's blogs to gain new ideas and tips.


Building onto the last tip, engaging with people who comment on your blogs is always good, providing you are amiable and can take any criticism as constructive. Engaging with readers, even if it is just to say thanks for their post, encourages them to come back in the future as well as share your blog with their friends.

Get a guest writer

It's always good to mix things up. Asking someone to produce a guest blog for you can give your site a fresh voice and help to draw new readers. It also makes sense to guest blog yourself on other sites, taking your ideas to a new audience and building your reputation as a lifestyle expert.

Be unique

Easier said than done, huh? Well not quite. While you may have the same stories and issues to write about as a plethora of other bloggers, you can make your blog unique by taking your own photos and even dabbling in video. You can also incorporate the views of your readers into stories, which ties in with what I mentioned earlier about increased engagement.

Stay protected

There's nothing worse than writing a beautiful blog only for a cyber attack to mean you lose it all. Having your blog hacked can also hurt your reputation and cost you all those dear readers you'd worked so hard to draw in. With good quality antivirus software, you can keep the baddies out and ensure your blog remains as fast and user-friendly as possible.

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  1. Great tips! Thank you for sharing x

  2. Great tips! It's definitely a great time to review your blog and the direction it's going x

  3. Good tips - I particularly agree with "think like a reader" and so few people mention it when talking about blogging tips. But I also think we need to keep things personal - so many bloggers do stuff just because readers might like it. I like a personal touch, it makes me feel like I really "know" the blogger.

  4. How does the guest blog thing work?

  5. Thanks Alex, your blog has come by leaps and bounds. Congrats to you! :)

  6. Thanks for these tips Alex, I could definitely do with having a bit of a think to move my blog forwards. I am terrible for procrastinating!
    Amelia x