Modern/Rustic Kitchen Inspiration Board

By now you probably know how into my home decor I am. I can't help but spend hours of my time just browsing online for new things to some how cram into my new home. Most of the time I don't actually need anything new, but there's always something that catches my eye and ends up getting added to the basket just for later ;) 

I have always been into modern, futuristic decor. I love big open spaces, big windows and lots of light. But then recently I noticed that my taste in decor had expanded and now I have a love for rustic sort of decor too. And personally, I think that these two sorts of decor can be combined really well. 

I have been working on our kitchen for a while now trying to find the perfect balance between my interests in both sorts of decor and I think that I'm slowly but surely getting there, I just need a few more things. And so I've put together this collage above to give myself some inspiration and create sort of a board to show the combination of decor differences. And though, it currently is just purely for inspiration purposes - I am in love with the chalkboard and think that may just be coming to a kitchen near me very soon. :) (It's totally not needed, but just don't tell my Husband!).

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1 comment

  1. I like the kettle, I need to get a new one but I havent seen one I like, how mad does that sound x