Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project - October 2014

I am SO forgetful, I always forget about my Me and Mine photos each month until I see everybody else's go up! I need to get more organised, but it just never seems to happen no matter how hard I try. 

Luckily I already have quite a nice picture of the three of us from October. And who would have thought that it would be such a sunny one in a month that is usually dark, cold and grey?! This October saw us board a flight to sunny Rhodes in Greece for the holiday I won at Brit Mums Live earlier this year in June. It was a fabulous holiday and it's hard to sum up in words because it was that brilliant! I don't think we will ever stop feeling grateful for the opportunity to have experienced Levante Beach Resort as winners of a competition. It will be a VERY VERY hard holiday to top!

October has seen many changes for us, it's been a good month. A great month in fact. One of the most amazing things that has happened is that Adam has decided to go part time at work. He has just stepped down from his leadership role in his job to focus on growing his own business at home. He is understandly very nervous but I know that he will be absolutely fine and totally amazing. I'm so very proud of him and all the hard work that he has put into making this happen. And it will be lovely to see him more and for him to have some of his life back with having more time. 

Ethan turned 18 months this month and I am (still) in the process of writing his 18 month update (See - I'm SO not organised...!). He's become such a cheeky little toddler and is becoming much more of a boy rather than a baby lately. 

Time seems to be flying past all of the time. But life is good.. in fact life is really good. :)
dear beautiful

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  1. What a lovely photo! You look so lovely together!

  2. Such a lovely photo hunnie, you look so happy x

  3. Beautiful photo! The weather has been crazy- although if you were on holiday that explains it! ;-)

  4. Lovely photo! The weather has been crazy! Although if you were on holiday that explains it! ;-)

  5. What a gorgeous family photo. October really was so busy and flew past didn't it? That's fantastic he is starting his own business. Good for him and best of luck. #me&mine

  6. What a lovely family portrait! :)

  7. It looks like a beautiful holiday! How wonderful to have your husband around more often - I hope it all goes well for him!

    Adore Cherish Love