Things to Consider when Buying a Fridge for your Family

It may not be the most enthralling topic in the world, but making the right decision when you buy a fridge is really important as it’s one of the main appliances in your home. It’s made a little more important when your fridge is a main part of your family’s life and diet, as you will need something strong, reliable and efficient.
Therefore we’ve put together a bit of a guide of things to consider when buying a fridge for your family to hopefully make the process a little easier!

Storage capacity and size
The storage capacity of the fridge is usually the main component when choosing one as you will obviously want one that will be adequate for your needs. It’s important to think about not going too OTT however and buying one that will be too big, as it will not only be more expensive to buy but it will also be more expensive to run. Evaluate how much food you put in your fridge each week (and where you can cut back!) to properly get an idea for how big it will need to be. 
Where you are going to keep your fridge will have an impact on the decision. Freestanding fridges from sites like Electric Shop are great as you can put them anywhere you have the space and a plug! Therefore they tend to be the most common and popular option.

Energy efficiency 
Energy efficient appliances are becoming more and more popular as they not only help the environment but they also help our bank balances! Appliances that are energy efficient may be a little more expensive to buy than lower efficiency alternatives, but they help save us a lot of money on our bills in the long run. This is no doubt something that all busy families want to do, so it can be a really great investment! You can learn more about energy efficiency and what you can to on this website here.
Additional features 
As well as the standard features of a fridge, it’s worth looking into what else is available for you and your family’s main appliances. Things like easy-clean shelves are a great idea in the fridge of a family so you can wipe up those inevitable and annoying spills quickly and easily. Other features like frost-free settings are useful to avoid your fridge freezing over which can be a huge pain. 
Guarantee and warranty

As with any big, main appliance in your family’s home, it’s really important that you look into things like the guarantee and warranty of the appliance, as of course, incidents do happen and things can go wrong. This is great for peace of mind so that you’ll know you’re covered if anything should go wrong. Have a look as well about insurance for your appliance and whether things like your current contents insurance will fully cover you, or whether you’ll need to take out an additional agreement. 

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