How to Get the Kids Organised During Half Term

Half term is finally here and for busy mums, there’s no better time than the half term break to get the whole family organised in the home. If your house is in need of a major spring clean, half time may not be the best time to tackle this (we all know how tough it is juggling more than one kid whilst watching the stove and balancing the phone on your shoulder!) but you can sure make a start. This is prime time to start clearing out old junk, and whilst the kids aren’t at school, you may as well keep them distracted with a fun and practical exercise. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “tidy room, tidy mind”; we can’t always be on top of the housework (especially with school runs, bottle feeds, work and getting dinner on the table every night) but we can make time for a big clear-out when we have all hands on deck.

Here are some quick and easy ways of getting your kids’ rooms organised during the October half-term. 

1. Get Rid of Old Rubbish 
We all have unwanted junk and our kids will fall victim to this too. Spend half a day clearing out old toys and general clutter in their bedrooms and don’t forget to organise your rubbish into a charity box, a recyclable box, and a waste box. And letting your little ones know that their unwanted items will be recycled or reused by a charity is great for their development too!

2. Get the Kids Involved in the Cleaning
Delegate cleaning tasks so that everyone has a responsibility during the big clean. It’s hard to motivate kids to do housework unless you can give them ownership of what they’re doing. And don’t forget to reward any hard work with an hour’s play, some delicious treats or a trip to the zoo. If you can make it rewarding, kids will show a lot more enthusiasm for the task at hand. 

3. Create Organised Storage Boxes 
If you want to encourage organised and tidy rooms all year round (and not just for half-term), add some simple storage boxes which are clearly labelled for toys, books, stationery, or fancy dress items. Encourage your children to design their own labels with paints and colouring pencils so they feel a part of the whole process. These boxes are a great idea and will encourage your little ones to organise themselves on a daily basis. 

4. Add a Fresh Lick of Paint
Sometimes, a new colour on the wall is all it takes to make a bedroom feel brand new. Kids are fascinated by new things, they love novelty, and it’s in their nature to take interest in something that’s different or fresh. So make them feel like they have a whole new bedroom to relax in and they will be much more likely to keep it tidy once they’re back at school.

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