There's a raccoon in my house!

I found a raccoon in my house and as cute as he was, he couldn't stay, so I took him off to the park. On the way we found some chickens and the cute little raccoon made friends with these chickens.. He was a cute little raccoon and clearly friendly too, so we decided to let him stay after all.. Turns out he's the best little raccoon anyone could ever have! ;)


Ethans (I mean, the raccoon's) outfit is from Thumbelina Workshop - they sell the most cute little outfits I have possibly ever seen. I am in love with the raccoon design that they sent for Ethan and I adore the dragon which is seriously too cool! It's so easy to get on and off, all it has is a zip on the front. It's super soft and looks so comfy, so I left E in it all day and he loved it. I even took him to the post office in it and everyone that saw him thought he looked adorable. Their handmade costumes are a lovely alternative to the 'scary' sort of costumes out there perfect for Halloween! Typically available in sizes 6-36 months. And they also sell on etsy!

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