Mums-to-be: Is your Autumn denim, bump ready?

You know I was never really into jeans myself.. well, not until recently anyway. I used to think they were uncomfortable and I always stuck to baggy, unflattering, misshapen jogging pants... which when I look back upon makes me somewhat cringe. I only found out lately that jeans aren't actually uncomfortable. Well, not the good kind anyway. See, I think I had a bad experience with a bad pair of jeans... and that ultimately put me off and well, that was responsible for my baggy, misshapen jogging bottom phase.. (Cringe - again!)..

Now I wear jeans a lot. I love skinny jeans the most and that is something I never thought I'd ever say! If you get a good pair - they are comfy and totally flattering and pretty much go with anything and everything which is a great bonus when you're a busy Mum with (very) little time to choose what you wear in the morning!

But what jeans when you're a Mum-to-be? Is it still possible to throw on a lovely pair of denim skinny's and a random top and still look stylish? Well.. I think it actually is. 

And below you will see that Blossom Mother and Child have shown me (and well, now you) exactly how.. They appear to stock a fabulous range of denim delights, that somehow makes me excited to be pregnant again next time around. It's funny how you find out about all the great maternity clothes and maternity products available after you've given birth isn't it?! >.<  Well - here's hoping that there are at least a few pregnant soon to be mums out there who have read this whilst they are still buying maternity clothes because these jeans look seriously stylish!

Which pair would you buy?

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